Your attention wants to go somewhere….Would you like to reclaim your power over it?

There are only two places your attention can actually go….

The first is where it usually goes, through habit – to your MIND
Having all of our attention, all of the time, on the movement of our minds causes us stress and angst. The more we get sucked into the movement, the more movement we create, the more movement we create, the more we get sucked in. It’s like we are constantly throwing fuel on the fire and trying to keep it alight.
This old habit is unconscious, we don’t realise we are doing it, we have no idea there is actually a choice, another option. We are not failing because we don’t know, it is just that no-one taught us yet.
The alternative is to have our attention inward, on to the much greater and more powerful aspect of ourselves, our INNER AWARENESS which is already perfectly still, calm and peaceful. This is how we are born, and how we are as children…operating from AWARENESS, without having to engage in any thinking about, or analysing that which we are aware of.

We feel what we focus on….

It’s no surprise that through focusing our attention on the ever changing, transient and random movement of our minds, that we have become a stressed out nation – the only consistent result with this mind based strategy is that we are always striving – chasing and needing things, people, circumstances and events – only to move the goalposts as soon as we tick the box. This leads to more striving and effort, and the result is the same…After all that striving and effort, we don’t feel any better deep down, once the transient thrill, high or glory has worn off. How draining.
By contrast if we learn some mastery over our attention, and we re-direct it to the ever-present but often forgotten aspect of our inner stillness, of course we feel stillness….

From this position we also get to observe…

We can quietly observe the movement of our minds, that very movement which used to attract us like a magpie to a shiny piece of tinfoil….Also from this position it can all seem rather daft and a little irrelevant too.
Our minds are really just a speck within the vastness of our true nature – but a speck which, unwittingly we had under the microscope, inflated in size and importance.

Are you ready to wake up and see things as they are?

Are you ready to step away from that microscope? When you are ready to RECLAIM YOUR ATTENTION in doing so you reclaim your power.
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