Suspend your judgement…


Sometimes not getting what you think you want is a wonderful stroke of luck…

We have all had those times of reflection, when we have looked back on times or events which were upsetting and stressful, times when things appeared not to be going our way, going ‘wrong’ or out of control –  and yet with the benefit of hindsight and with the passage of time – we realise that event, those circumstances, that exact ‘disappointment’ was exactly what needed to happen.
In fact it was, in the grand scheme of things it was the major transition point with a huge learning for life, or it lead to a new path, a big change, or something wonderful further down the line.
This has been the case for me personally in many big areas of my life and it has taught me to go with the ebb and flow of life, to surrender to what is, without getting stuck, paralysed, and totally stressed out – resisting life as it unfolds and dwelling on what could have been – there is inevitably something much better, more truthful and more fulfilling, just around the corner no matter how big the set-back seems!
With relationships there was a man I thought was perfect, really wanted to be with. It didn’t even get started – and yet knowing what I know now, with further observation, he was totally unsuitable and treats his current partner terribly. What a lucky escape!
Financially, a very big let down, a large sum which was owed to me for work I did, taught me the value of money after years of earning a fortune in a corporate role, and quite frankly taking cash for granted. It reminded me of what is really important in life, and guided me into creating a simple life which works beautifully.
With work, the same role which owed me those funds, felt like the perfect job at the time – yet the fact that it didn’t happen the way I thought I wanted it to, created the BIGGEST, most freeing shift in my life, taking me on a new path to the most fulfilling way of earning a living I could ever have imagined. And SO much more! I’m eternally grateful it went as ‘wrong’ as it did. That perceived ‘wrong’ was so RIGHT.

So if we can simply suspend our judgements…

We free ourselves up to

  • trusting the flow of life
  • embracing the twists and turns
  • stopping the resistance to ‘what is’
  • looking forward to that point in the future, where we look back and realise everything is exactly as it should be…

Ask yourself what you are resisting, what you are judging about your life at this moment, and play with the possibility of suspending your judgement. Let it go. Create some space between your stimulus or life event, and as the famous neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl said – you get to CHOOSE your response to it.

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