Stress is at epidemic levels in Western society, as we juggle more and more and have less time to look after ourselves.

Signs of Stress

  • Busy mind – Racing thoughts
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Negative thinking
  • Preoccupation with what might go wrong
  • Irritability and intolerance
  • Mood swings – Anger
  • Lack of motivation
  • Muscle tension – Teeth grinding
  • Frequent colds and infections
  • Allergies, rashes and skin irritations
  • IBS
  • Eating for comfort
  • Food cravings
  • Palpitations and panic
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

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What is Stress?

“The emotional, psychological and physiological state experienced when we perceive that the demands in any area of our lives, exceed the resources we think we have available to us”
“The repetitive and unnecessary activation of the ‘Fight or Flight’ response, which floods the body with stress hormones, switches off executive cognitive functioning, affects memory adversely, leads to emotional imbalance and taxes the immune system leading to illness and disease in the long term”

Most of my clients are stressed, regardless of the nature of their issues, as the issues themselves exacerbate stress, and stress in turn exacerbates the issue. Many people are unaware they are stressed, they just come to assume it is their personality. Stress is never helpful, and is easily resolved with a practitioner.

What about ‘Good Stress’?

What people might refer to as ‘good stress’ is actually pressure, and pressure is different.
Pressure is when we are aware we need to step up to a deadline or to reach an outcome, but we feel that we have the resources available to do so.
Stress is always unhealthy and as well as feeling unpleasant it is the precursor for most disease, so it very important that we take it seriously and resolve it.
Stress is a response to a trigger, it is not inevitable. We can change our responses to triggers. It is possible to experience the full width of human emotion from an ‘emotionally resourceful’ inner platform without getting stuck in downward spiraling stress patterns.
The ‘Fight or Flight Response’, is also known as the ‘Stress Response’, it is an adaptive response to keep us safe, away from threat or danger, designed to come in short and acute bursts, and then to be released so we can return to a healthy inner equilibrium.
In humans, it is our cognitive functioning – our ability to think, analyse, predict and compare – which causes our stress. Modern stress is very rarely about having to fight or flee from a wild animal, like it would have been for our ancestors! Our stresses are based on us dwelling on the past, wishing we could change or fix it, and on predicting the future and worrying how things might turn out.
The fear centre in the brain which fires off our ‘Fight or Flight’ response is called the amygdala, it can become over sensitive, and begin responding to ‘perceived threat’ in a very unhelpful way. We can get caught in a cycle, and the amygdala actually grows in size. The more we stress, the more easily we get stressed!
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SHINE Meditation to Resolve Stress

Studies show that regular meditation – like SHINE, which I teach in one to one sessions, or in group workshops – produces the physiological antidote to the ‘Fight or Flight’ response, called the ‘Relaxation Response’. Regular activation of the ‘Relaxation Response’ reverses the brain connections of the stressed brain, shrinks the amygdala, and also reverses the physiological effects of stress throughout the body at a cellular level. This improves physical health, wellbeing and immunity / healing, as well as transforming emotional and psychological wellbeing.
The SHINE Meditation & Coaching Online Program teaches you to access and nurture the optimal brain – heart – body state of Psychophysiological Coherence, which produces more of the health and vitality providing hormone DHEA, whilst inhibiting the production of its sister hormone, the stress hormone Cortisol (which damages the brain and the body at a cellular level)
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Bespoke Therapy & Coaching to Resolve Stress

In my Therapy and Coaching courses I use a bespoke blend of all my therapeutic modalities during the sessions, and I also teach you several techniques which you can take away and use yourself on a regular basis.
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