profile picEFT is ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ also known as Tapping, a highly effective therapeutic intervention and coaching tool, which combines the techniques and effects of NLP and Hypnosis with the principles of Energy Psychology.
Energy Psychology draws on the Western science theories of ‘quantum physics’, and the traditional Eastern use of the body’s Meridian Energy System to release stuck energy. Emotions are energy, if you think of them as ‘Energy-in-Motion’ it will help you to understand the underlying theories of Energy Psychology.
Emotional issues are therefore energetic issues, emotions become ‘trapped’ in the body as tiny balls of energy, affecting our ongoing state of both Emotional Health and Physical Health ( lack of energy, pain, inflammatory conditions, allergies, food intolerance, skin conditions and digestive disorders ).
Restoring the natural flow of energy is one way in which EFT works to resolve emotional and physical issues….
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How Does EFT Work?

There are 3 main ways in which EFT is such a transformative tool

  • The Meridian Tapping sequence used in EFT releases the stuck or blocked energy in the human energetic system, and restores a balanced and healthy flow of energy:

All physical matter, including the human body is a vibrational system, the particles with each atom are constantly vibrating at a particular frequency. With humans, we have several different systems communicating through the larger integrated network at any one time: Endocrine System (hormones), Respiratory System, Central Nervous System, Immune System, Elimination System.
Each system is interconnected and equally influences the other. When we are stressed, anxious, angry or feeling shame (or any other downward spiraling emotion) there is a molecular structure to each of the neuro chemicals involved. These ‘molecules of emotion’ travel throughout the body, at a cellular level, and produce a physiological state throughout. The molecular components of this physiological state, have their own unique vibrational frequencies. Positive emotions vibrate at a high frequency, negative emotions vibrate at a low frequency (hence the expression feeling low, in a low mood).
By clearing and releasing negative emotions, EFT allows us to experience more positive and supportive emotions, and this benefits the whole network at a molecular and vibrational level. As an energetic system, the human energy field can be thought of like a tuning fork. A tuning fork at a low vibrational level (ie, in negative emotions) will resonate with other low frequency states, and will attract more of them in. Conversely, higher frequency positive emotional states resonate with other similar states.

  • EFT overrides stress and downward spiraling emotions by sending contradictory signals of ‘safety’ to the brain and activating the body’s natural antidote to the ‘Stress Response’ called the ‘Relaxation Response’.:

The amygdala in the brain is the ‘fear centre’ which controls our Stress Response. The human Stress Response is an evolutionary adaptation which was designed to help us survive by getting us out of the way of wild animals or other threats. In the modern human, it is our thoughts and emotions which cause us stress – we generate and ‘imagine’ all kinds of fears and threats by thinking about the past, and trying to predict the future. As a result we end up totally stressed out, depressed and anxious, and this generates stress chemistry all through our bodies so that our emotional state also becomes our physiological state and profoundly affects our moods and behaviours as well as impacting on our physical wellbeing by creating toxicity and inflammation in our bodies at a cellular level.
Stress is the pre-cursor to disease and illness, it plays havoc with human health and wellbeing, and yet it is quite easily resolved with the correct tools and techniques (please refer to the excellent science documentary ‘The Connection’ produced by prolific senior Medical Directors, Professors and Research Scientists to develop a fuller understanding of these concepts – https://www.theconnection.tv/).
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The meridian tapping used in EFT collapses the old neurological patterns and pathways in the brain and throughout the body by ‘engaging’ verbally and emotionally with the old issue or problem, but at the same time sending powerful and overriding energetic signals to the amygdala to allow us to feel safe, calm and relaxed – thus putting the whole bodily system into the ‘Relaxation Response’, which not only feels good, but also allows the body to rest and heal. The body and immune system are perfectly designed to self-heal, it is only the Stress Response which takes the body out of it’s natural ability to heal and renew.

  • The Meridian Tapping used during EFT induces different brain wave states, in a similar way to hypnosis, and therefore allows clients to be in the most effective brain state for collapsing old neural pathways and ‘re-wiring’ new ones which are more supportive:

The primary waking brain wave state is Beta (12-40Hz). This is where we are alert and focussed, planning, organizing, intellectualizing and analyzing.
It is a useful state in the lower frequency within the banding, but the higher up the frequency we go, the more it produces stress, anxiety, over-thinking and intrusive thoughts. The Beta wave state is where we are operating from the ‘Conscious Mind’.
We have no access to our subconscious programming and ‘wiring’ in a Beta brain wave state. We need access to the subconscious programming if we are going to change it in a way that will be beneficial, noticeable and sustainable for a client (which is what effective therapy is all about). This is why positive thinking and affirmations often don’t get results, because they are employed in a waking Beta wave state by the very small processing system known as the ‘Conscious Mind’ (the ‘Conscious Mind only handles about 1-5% of our daily experience, and it runs about half a second behind the ‘Subconscious Mind’ making a best guess at what is going on, and often getting it completely wrong!).
If there are conflicting programmes or limiting beliefs stored in the ‘Subconscious Mind’ (from many years of conditioning and learning since we were young children), any attempts to oppose them by the ‘Conscious Mind’ are simply not convincing. The ‘Subconscious Mind’ is the control room and is the most effective route to making significant and lasting change.
Tapping produces a combination of the 3 lower frequency brain wave states: Alpha (8-12Hz), Theta (4-8Hz) and Delta (2-4Hz). Alpha and Theta states are what we would expect to achieve through hypnosis and meditation, and they are the gateway into the subconscious programming.
Uniquely to most therapeutic modalities, EFT also produces a Delta brain wave state, which is usually reserved for deep sleep. This is a very useful state where we process and let go of memories or traumas.
I use a blend of bespoke EFT, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnotic Language patterns in a way which allows clients to make deep and lasting changes within 4-6 sessions, even if they have previously found they do not respond to hypnosis inductions in hypnotherapy sessions.
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