headshotwebsiteI provide bespoke Modern Meditation Programmes and Performance Coaching to businesses and professional individuals who wish to begin thriving from the inside out. 
Following a successful 16 year career in the corporate and creative arena of the Fashion Business, at Senior Director level, I understand the personal, political and relationship challenges of dynamic, results driven environments. I also know how the stress and demands placed on individuals and teams, can potentially impact on Performance, Leadership and Engagement if left unacknowledged.   
Clarity of Mind, Purpose and Resilience are the ultimate aims of the Courses and Coaching

  • Clarity – A clear mind, fully present to the moment
  • Purpose – A sense of direction and motivation, free from urgency and undue pressure
  • Resilience – A strong sense of inner security and trust in your abilities and your environment

With Clarity, Purpose and Resilience, individuals and teams achieve:

  • High Performance
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Creativity & Flow
  • Presence
  • Insight
  • Confidence
  • Reduced Stress
  • Productivity
  • Improved Focus
  • Engagement
  • Mental Fitness
  • Dealing with Change
  • Agility & Staying Power

Courses can be tailored to suit your business needs and to meet the requirements of your team. Workshop sessions work equally well in intimate formats, or in groups of up to 20 people.
I also work One to One on Performance Coaching with individual team members, Key Managers and Leaders to help them find the Clarity, Focus and Creativity to Thrive, Innovate and Perform to their Full Potential.
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  • Modern Meditation & Mind Mastery Programmes
  • Full Potential Performance Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Impactful Presentation & Public Speaking

Enquire directly on to arrange a call or Skype to discuss your needs.
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 Corporate Coaching Client Testimonials:


“After a number of months in a new role at work I realised that I needed to be much more efficient and energetic and must also change some old habits that were clearly a barrier to success. Three sessions with Lisa gave me the momentum that I required and I was quite surprised to find a shiny new me at my desk, handling what would have been daunting and exhausting situations with a relaxed and confident composure and previously unseen levels of energy. Lisa has effectively unlocked the inner me, and corrected some of the potentially negative behaviour patterns that we all exhibit to some degree.  Without Lisa, I am sure that my new role would have eventually overwhelmed me. With that out the way, I am now free to focus on my health and my work-life balance and the current and future sessions that I have booked with Lisa have been tailored towards those goals.”
Samantha, Investment Banker – London

“I’m a huge fan of Lisa Bardell Coaching. Lisa has helped me to clarify situations that were seemingly impossible, to find ways to resolve business dramas and issues with minimum shockwaves. Lisa is one of the most professional practitioners that I have had the pleasure of working with, always approachable, understanding and empathetic. I look forward to each session, they are revelatory but also easy to make use of in your day to day life. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. Every second is time well spent!”
Paulette, Producer – London

“I can say without hesitation that contacting Lisa was one of the best things I’ve done.
I immediately felt at ease with Lisa and she made a positive impact on my life, for which I’m really grateful. I would recommend her highly. She helped me to transform some of my thought processes, making a big difference in both my private and professional life in a short space of time.
For anyone who has previously attended coaching sessions of any kind, you will soon realize that Lisa is extremely good at what she does.”
Kevin, IT – London

“As one if Lisa’s International Clients it’s a great pleasure to highly recommend her as an amazingly skilled coach and mentor. The results I have achieved from our sessions have completely exceeded my initial expectations. As well as being consummately professional, Lisa is very approachable and empathetic, and working with her has been a pleasure. Highly recommended. Thank you Lisa”
Avi, Head of Retail Operations – Saudi Arabia
“I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking to further their career. She is a highly effective coach, who is professional, flexible in her approach and very approachable”
Inge, Coach – Oslo
“When I first started working with Lisa I felt an instant rapport, despite being a middle aged lawyer who often finds it difficult to talk about feelings! The sessions made a huge difference to my life and wellbeing. Lisa really cares about helping you to find a way forward. It has been a great privilege to have worked with Lisa and I will always be grateful to her for the hugely positive impact she has had on my life.”
Keith, Lawyer – London
“Working with Lisa the first thing I noticed is how calm and methodical she is in her approach. I found it easy to discuss things with her and not only was she a good listener she also quickly came up with a constructive approach to help. What surprised me most from working with her was how quickly I saw changes and felt more confident to drive things forward myself. I would highly recommend Lisa’s services for any issue you wish to address or take a positive steps in your career.”
Gemma, Media – London

“After seeing Lisa for 2 months I have transformed the way I think. I have a new attitude to organising and planning my goals and tasks. Her techniques in coaching are engaging and easy to comprehend making the whole process relaxed and fun.
My life has changed drastically in a positive way, being more confident within my line of work and in myself, which has led to more success and great feedback from others who were able to notice a difference in me after one or two sessions.
This drastic change has also improved my personal life with my girlfriend, friends and family, way more than I expected from Coaching.
Overall I feel more relaxed within myself and I’m living my life in a pretty stress free way, exactly the way I wanted to. If you’re career minded and want to improve within your field, then I highly recommend Lisa. She has helped me change my life, my performance and my career prospects for the better in a very short space of time.”
Sebastian, Producer – London

“After couple of months working on performance and career coaching with Lisa, the impact on my performance, the way I operate in the work place and the prospects for my career has been huge. I would highly recommend Lisa.
At first I wasn’t sure about how coaching works, I thought it was going to be based around goal setting, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It has been about finding the blockages in my thinking and working my way around these blocks, creating new pathways, to develop a new way of thinking. Confidence, motivation and ease in the work place are now just common place in my every day life giving me the clarity and enthusiasm to progress and perform to the best of my ability in my job and socially.”
Ben, Teacher – Stoke

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