Client Testimonials

I have been manifesting abundance and today ideas have come into my head that I don’t know why I haven’t thought of them before! I also feel that there will be more abundance the more I heal and let go of negativity. Since I started this course it’s like I am functioning on such a higher level.
I have a physical sense of warmth and love in my stomach
I feel I have made peace with my father. It was the healing light near the end of the session. I feel no anger or hurt anymore. I have acknowledged what he has done and let it go. Life is too short and I need to move on and stop holding on to things that don’t do me well or benefit me in any way. Thank you Lisa!
You are totally helping me in a way I never thought possible xxx
Thank you Lisa and thank you sisters for amazing and powerful connection and energy. Lisa, I loved how thoughtful the questions were. They really sent me onto right path for my healing. This was my first online experience and I am stunned how powerful it still is. I really love the privacy which allowed also for stillness and quietness, when required while the Energy wasn’t lacking any power compare to a live event. The circle opened more doors for me and set more feelings, which no longer serve me, free. Thank you again With love 💖
Thank you Lisa and thank you sisters for amazing and powerful connection and energy
I’m so grateful for being involved in this process, it’s amazing what cane up! 🙏🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼 xx
Thank you, thank you, thank you
My new relationship has continued to grow and blossom and deepen in the most beautiful & authentic way I have ever experienced before. I feel a lot of energy clearing. Thank you so much 🙏☮️❤😇
I’m feeling more fierce and confident
It was an amazing healing tonight. Lots of white light and an angel holding me as the healing went on. Huge connection between you Lisa, goddess Isis and my master crystal I had with me. You were all working in a direct connection, working together with the healing and reprogramming. Xxx💚🌈✨💚❤🔥🌈
Thank you Lisa for another beautiful powerful ceremony
I went back to Atlantis pulling threads of disempowerment out of the ether... A lot of cleansing of old relationships, energy back from my Dad. And from Isis - youth, the strength to dream the green grass bursting forth through my legs - she washed my feet, and I am being given new hope. I absolutely love the Isis meditation. I will be using it again. Thank you 🙏🏼 x
Deepest session yet, so much releasing!
This was my first experience of an online circle and I was amazed at the effectiveness and how engaged with the group I felt. It was intimate when we shared our experiences, problems and intentions. But I was able to do the work at my own convenience and pace. Lisa was a wonderful facilitator, gentle yet confident in her space-holding. Her healing skills were powerful and the energy amazing.
The whole group experienced powerful clearing of old patterns
I've let go of so much in the last few weeks. I lay awake last night adding it all up in my head. So much has changed! I closed my eyes and for hours I just glowed internally with this bass wave of gratitude and bliss. Wow. A whole new life is opening to me. And we're not done yet! I'm so excited!
Thankyou everyone who is playing a part in this group’s journey and Lisa for holding it all
I’m feeling more fierce and confident. My new relationship has continued to grow and blossom and deepen in the most beautiful & authentic way I have ever experienced before. I feel a lot of energy clearing.
Thank you so much
I have found Rise Sister Rise, has taken me to the next level of healing. I've felt guided and held, with love & healing by Lisa, whose honesty, compassion and  shamanic skills, have helped me to fully immerse myself in the process, despite resistance at times. I have had the most profound Shamanic journeys and have noticed some big shifts happening in my life. I am for the first time realising my own worth and demanding more for myself. I am in flow more of the time and I feel as if I am seeing the bigger picture of life's twists & turns. I'm not getting as bogged down in the small stuff and I feel more in the moment. I have seen a big change in that compulsions/addictive habits have stopped or significantly eased.
Amazing results so far, thank you Lisa xxx
Rise Sister Rise allowed me to go really really deep. I liked the structure because it felt like the entire healing circle process became a wider holding space for the rest of my life unfolding within these weeks. Layer upon layer would fall away and I'd often find life prepared me for the next healng circle and vise versa. It was all coming together into some kind of nurturing vortex of magical process. You are an extremely powerful woman Lisa. You have redefined for me what powerful can be. My inner skeptic is blasted with the light of Love. In the time I've been working with you I've gone from shattered shy shivering soul to full blown holy woman stepping into her power. In the womb healing ceremony I was able to access intergenerational traumas beyond what my thinking brain could've stored as memory. In your healings I became a healer. My intuition sparked! The self imposed cages about my third eye removed! Working with you online allowed me to feel held by a group but also confirm at an undeniable level my own ability to heal myself. Your work supported me not only in the specific healings, but supported me to continue to rise up in my future life. In absolute certainty that I am able to give myself what I need. Your sacred sound is powerful reality shifting, energetic realigning, shimmering through the air. As someone with synesthesia I could really feel the magic of these on a multitude of levels. You became a true gateway to sound! I saw so many visions as I heard you. Fell with surrender into my inner world knowing all the time you were there singing like some ancient Maestra in a forest. It felt like I could go to the shadowy places and release the heavy feelings into lightness because I knew I was not alone. That you were with me. With us. The whole time. So thankyou Lisa, deepest gratitudes from my heart to yours. And to the universe! I thank it sincerely that it brought our paths together so that I could experience your divine gifts, and exciting future innovations in a new era of shamanic healing through technology.
So thankyou Lisa, deepest gratitudes from my heart to yours
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