Build your wings on the way down…The power of intention

Sometimes in life we just have to jump and build our wings on the way down….
What does this mean? Well we can get stuck in a rut, or even frozen by ‘analysis paralysis’ when we put off making a decision, taking action, making changes or moving on…..And WHY do we do this? We convince ourselves that the perfect moment, circumstances or environment will be just around the corner, and THEN we will make our move.
If this is a regular pattern for you, the chances are you won’t ever take the actions and you will get locked into a cycle of waiting for the right moment, only for it to pass you by altogether.

The power of intention

There’s a lot to be said for making a commitment, for sending a CLEAR intention out into the universe….In my experience if you boldly go, the universe catches you and throws some support your way to boot.
Once you are broadcasting out the energy of what you want, once you are radiating out what you want to be, you do actually start aligning yourself with that future – consciously and unconsciously – you begin to get stuff done, take opportunities, create opportunities and notice what can help you by seeing the world through a slightly different filter.
David Hamilton PhD is an ex lead scientist from AstraZeneca, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, he spent years creating drugs for cancer and heart disease, and he became intrigued by the ‘placebo effect’ – the power of subconscious belief to produce healing in the body through administering an inert sugar pill in drug trials. David then left to research mind-body science and become an author and world famous speaker. He has written a brilliant book called ‘Is Your Life Mapped Out’, which explores and explains the quantum physics theories of energy and information, and the sophisticated ways which we communicate with others, with our environment and the universe at large. There is science to the Power of Intention!
So, if there’s something you’re sitting on or dithering over…Just do it. Take action. Jump and allow the universe to catch you!

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