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Hi and Welcome. I’m a fully accredited Integrative Coach, Clinical Therapist, Shamanic Healer and Meditation Teacher. During our time together, it is my job to help you get to the root cause of what has been holding you back or causing you a problem, and in turn to guide you to fully resolve any associated issues.

I help people from all walks of life who feel they are stuck, overwhelmed, debilitated, ill or simply not reaching their full potential.

Through creative and bespoke Therapeutic Coaching & Healing sessions, I guide my clients to make the changes they want in their thinking, their emotional patterns, their behaviours and their health. So they can begin thriving and living successful lives which they love and finally feel like they deserve.

Every aspect of my approach will be tailored to you, and focused on the results you want. I use a powerful and intuitive blend of Coaching, Therapy & Healing modalities to help you master your own thoughts and begin operating from your most powerful mindset in every area of your life, career and relationships.

CONTACT ME TODAY to book your FREE 30 min Discovery Session.

Over a course of 3-8 sessions, my approach not only allows you to get to the root cause of your limitations or problems, but also to make changes which are both deep and sustainable. With a skilled practitioner, it really is possible to ‘re-wire’ your brain in a way that can:

  • Revolutionise –  Thinking Patterns
  • Stop – Habits
  • Transform  – Emotional Wellbeing
  • Improve – Health & Physical Wellbeing
  • Create & Attract – Holistic Success

If anything above or below strikes a chord with you, CONTACT ME TODAY to book your FREE 30 min Discovery Session. Please check that my fees below are within your budget.

Cheshire One to One or Skype/Digital your investment:

Courses of 90 min sessions

  • x3 = £465 – £155 each
  • x5 =  £825 – £150 each
  • x8 = £1160 – £145 each

Courses of 120 min sessions – Includes 45 mins Energy Healing

  • x3 = £615 – £205 each
  • x5 = £1000 – £200 each
  • x8 = £1560 – £195 each

Clinic: Congleton town centre – Cheshire, CW12

London One to One – your investment:

Courses of 90 min sessions

  • x3 = £585 – £185 each
  • x5 = £950 – £180 each
  • x8 = £1480 – £175 each

Courses of 120 min sessions – Includes 30 mins Energy Healing

  • x3 = £750 – £240 each
  • x5 = £1255 – £235 each
  • x8 = £1920 – £230 each

Clinic: Longcroft House
Victoria Avenue, London, EC2M 4NS

Alchemy: The Total Transformation Process – your investment:

  • £2000 for x 4 days
  • £2800 for x 6 days
  • 22 Week Intensive One to One Therapeutic Coaching & Deep Healing, through one day in depth sessions
  • Natal chart and 3 month Astrology Analysis
  • Online access to The Shine Program

Do you want to…

  • Live more fully in the moment?
  • Re-design your life?
  • Unlock your full potential?
  • Be the best version of you?
  • Begin living a life you love and deserve?

Are you…

  • Struggling with Anxiety or Depression?
  • Looking for Weight Loss solutions?
  • Needing to heal your Relationship with Food?
  • Addicted to Alcohol, Sex, Relationships, Gambling, Food or Sugar?
  • Limited by Fears, Phobias or Panic Attacks?
  • Stuck in your Life, Career or Relationships?
  • Locked in to repeating Toxic Relationship Dynamics?
  • Reaching a ceiling with your Capacity to generate Wealth?
  • Being held back by Psychological or Emotional Issues?
  • Troubled by Abuse or Trauma from the past?
  • Feeling negative about your Body or your Self-Image?
  • Finding it hard to move on after the end of a Relationship?
  • Plagued by Chronic Illness?
  • Feeling drained physically by Fatigue, Insomnia or Chronic Pain?

CONTACT ME TODAY to book your FREE 30 min Discovery Session>.

Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass – Best Selling Co-author

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‘This is raw, honest, powerful, and often painful to read. But it is so necessary to hear these voices, those heart-breaking and at the same time heart-warming stories, that we usually don’t hear anywhere often enough. I loved it and emerged from reading utterly awestruck, and with so much love, pride and admiration for the endurance and strength of these women – which shines through in every word of their stories’ Daniela Abinashi, Criminology Researcher

‘These stories bravely go deep into wounding and share with us the powerful path of transformation we all have available and which is empowered by this kind of conscious and supportive sharing among the female collective. The sharing of these women’s challenging stories provides a healing mirror for our own and a guide for positive growth empowered by women who have gone before. A very important book for anyone on a healing journey’ Alice Bird, Actress

‘This powerful and timely book and the stories told by 26 badass women provide the perfect fuel to ignite the fire and fan the flames to help women free themselves from ‘too muchness’ and/or ‘not enoughness.’ These courageous women speak their authentic truth to provide the opening for us to heal. Read this book now (as life is too dang short!) and soak in the raw inspiration to be YOU, uniquely you. We can and must rebel from thousands of years of oppression and live fully now, to pave the way for future generations.’ Tanya Mark, Body Image Movement Global Ambassador
Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass is a must read for anyone looking to be moved and inspired by authentic stories of the triumph of the female spirit. As twenty-six women share their unique stories of finding their strength and moving from living in darkness to shining in their own light, the reader is taken for a beautiful ride where the message is clear and powerful. Women have faced unbelievable barriers to freedom. Yet the indomitable nature of our hearts and will, as detailed through the authors’ stories, leads to the unmistakable truth that we are powerful, we are strong, we can rise from trauma to healing and from adversity to strength and success’ Sindy Warren, author, yogi, lawyer

‘This book is a must read, I was totally drawn in from the start, I couldn’t put it down and I could relate with many of the chapters either from my own experiences or from now connecting with people who have opened up to me about their lives and stories. I think this book will inspire and help many women and to let them know that they aren’t alone, this is truly a book to read. Well done Michelle for putting it together, your story and the others were so heartfelt, thank you for opening yourselves up to the world to help others, what an amazing thing to do. Extraordinary women, thank you’
Amanda Skinner

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