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Anxiety & Depression…

“It feels strange writing about the way I felt before I started my sessions with Lisa, because I feel like a completely different person now. When I met Lisa I was anxious, depressed, and unable to break free from destructive patterns (including eating disorders) that had consumed my day-to-day life for many years. I felt trapped within my own mind, I attempted to control situations by giving myself impossible rules to follow, and then when those situations could not be controlled I fell apart. I hoped that Lisa would help me to change my thought process. However, I certainly didn’t expect the results that followed.

I am now, finally, content. Enjoying the present is something I do automatically, rather than having to tell myself to do it. I feel excited about the future, not scared, and when things don’t go my way I no longer wake up with that tight ball in my chest or feel the need to excessively control and calculate other aspects of my life. Lisa has taught me to simply breath, relax and live in the moment. For anyone looking to change their perspective and their lifestyle, I highly recommend Lisa’s coaching. Not only is she very caring, attentive (and simply very good!) I felt that she tailored the sessions well to suit my particular needs. Most importantly, Lisa gave me the practical tools and the confidence to cope by myself. I know that if life presents me with hurdles, I will be able to find a way around them and I won’t go back.”

Emma – London

“Over the last 5 years I have been on what could be best described as an emotional rollercoaster ride which got worse in the last 3 years due to an unhappy marriage and being undecided about another relationship. I had been lost in myself not being able to see anything, not being able to enjoy life or the moment. I had taken anti-depressents, seen a therapist and a Psychiatrist, and at one point I diagnosed myself as Bipolar which gave me some relief as it was an explanation as to why I was the way I was. However, that diagnosis was soon dismissed by my Psychiatrist who prescribed me even more anti depressants.

With all this going on whilst being at an Executive Level position in my work, I have been on probably the toughest ride of my life. After a serious argument with my wife, she said I needed professional help. I looked at her in a helpless manner pointing out what I had already tried, referring to the Psychiatrist, anti-depressants and the therapist. I didn’t know what else to do. My wife kindly did some research and found Lisa’s website. After reading the testimonials, they gave me some hope I could be helped, so I contacted Lisa.

The initial consultation session was done on Skype as I am based overseas and I felt really comfortable just explaining to Lisa how I was feeling. Her acknowlegment, professionalism and empathy made me feel comfortable to start a course of sessions. To my surprise, even after the 1st session, I could not beleive how different I felt. I wanted to email Lisa the next day, but wondered whether the way I was feeling would last. It did last.

The subsequent sessions literally helped me to rebuild myself, to reduce my anxiety and to help me to build a new life, bringing back more of those normal feelings I used to have. This may sound surprising. It sounded surprising to me too when I read other people’s testimonials sharing their positive experiences of working with Lisa. But it is what happened.

Lisa completely exceeded my expectations as a therapist. I am so thankful to my wife and to my luck for finding Lisa when I did. She has helped me such a great deal, and it is something I will never forget. For those of you going through an internal war, anxiety or whatever it may be, the issue is that no one can understand it because its not physically shown like an injury. This makes things more frustrating. You may think you have lost the plot completely. I strongly recommend if you feel this way contact Lisa and I am sure you will realise after working with her, that all you needed was the right help.”

Alan – Saudi Arabia

” Before I started seeing Lisa I’d had various other therapies from many professionals throughout my life for the last 18 years, ranging from cognitive behavioural therapy, counselors and keyworkers and yet achieved hardly any changes or felt judged and labeled or more anxious than when I started therapy.
I previously created many scary ‘monsters in my mind’. I would find many ways to convince myself I wasn’t able, despite many qualifications and considerable experience. I found I was spending time in escapism mode and was in a downward negative spiral. I avoided all new people to stay anxiety free. Which meant that I stopped attending the college I previously loved being part of. My agoraphobia and depression increased as I wasn’t part of anything, but couldn’t find the motivation and hope to start anything. I had a very destructive habit of overfilling my week and not find any balance or rest time and burn out quickly.
Since working with Lisa, I’ve started volunteering at the charity I have always dreamed of being part of, completed an ECDL qualification, re ignited friendships with old friends who sustain my wellbeing and returned to college to further my computer skills to expert level and engage in courses related to hobbies.From having severe agoraphobia/panic attacks and negative thought processes I can say that the therapy has made me start living my life in a more purposeful way and I have now regained my confidence and my hope. I’ve found peace and acceptance in my life.
Lisa has the gift for effective and clear communication, and for inspiring you through difficult times and motivating when required. Her approach was holistic and as a result of the supportive coaching and insightful questions, I have found my motivation and also increased my energy levels, so I can get out and live my life. Now I have a life that I enjoy living.
The techniques we used are so powerful and personalised, they brought about a total shift in my thinking and, unlike previous experiences I’ve had in therapy, Lisa is non judgmental of any current negative behaviours.

My friends are amazed at the changes in me and how I now make life choices and set goals at a more manageable, realistic and sustainable level. This has been crucial to my development to succeed at goals I pursue.When you read all the other reviews, like I did, you will probably wonder if it will work for you. This therapy has been the best investment I have ever made for myself, I’m so glad I did it. Without wellbeing life didn’t feel worth living, I was so stuck in a rut. I experienced considerable changes in a short space of time. I honestly couldn’t recommend Lisa more highly!”

Suzi – London

“For years I suffered with anxiety and depression which had an impact on my career and my personal relationships and my quality of life. I’d visited other counsellors with no success. By the time I came to see Lisa I thought I had come to the end of the line, I wondered if the quality of life I had was worth living. Each day I woke up with an overwhelming negativity and doom, and I felt it physically in my body.I discussed and booked a course of 6 sessions with Lisa, and was prepared to book more if I needed them. I was prepared to do whatever it took to feel better. To my surprise, I have felt life changing results after just 2 sessions. In the months since, I have seen results in both my personal and work life. If I need to return in the future I will, but for now I’m thrilled and am very grateful that the anxiety feels like a thing of the past. Thank you Lisa for all your help and support, you’ve changed my life 
Samantha – Cheshire

“When I first came into contact with Lisa I wasn’t coping well. I was still suffering with Depression and Anxiety from initial diagnosis of Post Natal Depression 4 and half years ago- I felt that I was going round in circles. Despite seeing various Psychiatrists, Therapists and having Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I was still impacted by a fractured relationship with my parents, firmly believing that I would inevitably fail my children. The anxiety had also led to the development of OCD.

With Lisa’s help I was able to identify and address the deep rooted concerns that were having such a negative impact on my life. During my course of 4 Hypnotherapy sessions, Lisa helped me to resolve my emotional issues at their root cause. The past is now firmly in the past, bearing no influence on my present. My OCD has is no longer an issue, and most importantly I feel happy and confident as a mum….THANK YOU Lisa. You are my magic Lady “

Amanda – Stoke

“I was in the grips of a breakdown following a couple of years of stress, depression and anxiety. My relationship ended and I lost my career. I realized I wasn’t coping; I would go to sleep not caring if I woke up. I couldn’t eat, sleep or stop crying and I stopped talking to friends. Panic attacks eventually kept me indoors. I felt worthless. I had tried other therapy but felt it wasn’t working. I knew I needed to do something quickly.

I have really felt the benefits of Lisa’s work with me. Even after a couple of sessions I began feeling stronger, coping better and seeing friends. My family have commented how much I’ve improved, I am now laughing, smiling and positive!

The biggest changes have come in accepting the end of my relationship, and finally being able to move on. I have developed a new perspective on life, I feel like a new door has opened, and I’m ready to take and make new opportunities. Without Lisa’s help I would not be in this position. The techniques she uses have a real impact on your everyday life, the way you think and feel. If they can work for me, in the state I was in, and the challenges I was facing, then they can work for anyone!”

Diane – Stoke

“I was in an extremely emotionally abusive relationship for 18 of my 27 years of marriage leading to my very low self-esteem, insomnia, anorexia and depression. Despite all of these, I wanted to stay in the relationship as I did not have the confidence to move on. I went to Lisa a completely broken woman. All I wanted her to do for me was provide me with the tools to continue to be in the relationship despite being unhappy and broken. Lisa did not judge me. She helped me find my own answers and suggested a course of 4 sessions…Inside I wondered how on earth 4 sessions would be enough, I felt so terrible.

I was surprised I started noticing the difference from the very 1st session. I could not wait to tell her how strong I was feeling in the next session. By the 4th session, I told her I was strong enough to leave the relationship even though that was not my original plan…it’s the best decision I have made in a very long time.

It’s been 3 months on and I have not looked back or had reasons to regret my decision. Everyone notices the ‘new’ me, I notice and feel the ‘new’ me. I have come to know a new level of happiness and internal peace that I have not experienced in the last 17 years.



Lorraine – London

“I was stuck, not moving just living day by day in a dark place letting my negative thoughts control my life. I sought medical advice but I didn’t feel much improvement. I decided to seek further help, and discovered Lisa on the hypnotherapy directory website. I really needed to get my life back on track because I was stuck in the past, constantly over-thinking, self conscious and my self esteem too low to go out and meet people. My friends had fallen by the wayside. I thought hypnotherapy was worth a try, and I had no idea what else to do.

It was such a good decision. The sessions with Lisa helped me process the negative thoughts and more importantly control the overthinking that was taking over and ruining my life. I don’t know if there is a complete cure but I certainly feel re-energised, comfortable in myself, and able to go out and live life. Over the couple of months since the sessions started, I am seeing the good in life and looking forward instead of living in the past.

If you’re in the same place, my recommendation is to try it. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain”

Andy – Cheshire

“Following a traumatic childhood involving domestic violence and mental abuse, I had issues which affected me, and my relationships for 27 years. Mainly constant anxiety, thinking of a thousand things at once. I also suffered low self-esteem and confidence, feeling afraid all the time. I found I could not concentrate, relax, or communicate my feelings to others. I also felt a great deal of responsibility for the happiness of my mother, which affected my sense of freedom to live my own life.

In the past I had tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling via a GP referral. Nothing had a lasting effect, once out of the session, my normal thinking resumed.

After working with Lisa using NLP Therapy, I really got the results I was hoping for. For the first time I have noticed a significant improvement in my thinking and behaviours. Even after just one session I felt more focused and able to concentrate. Several sessions later I felt a lot more positive and confident. I now have the ability to speak to my mother more directly and feel less responsible for her happiness. I feel far more comfortable expressing my views and opinions without fear. The biggest difference is in how I am more relaxed and able to concentrate on one thing at a time….this has transformed in my leisure time, and given me lots to look forward to.

Lisa is exceptionally professional with a very friendly and approachable style, I felt totally at ease working with her and would thoroughly recommend her.

Many thanks Lisa for all your help.”

Kirsty – Staffordshire

“I had struggled for years with a lack of motivation and focus, which caused me a lot of depression and anxiety.

I found Lisa’s approach to be very person centred, offering many positive concepts to embrace. After one session, the changes in my motivation were noticeable to colleagues and family alike. Following several more sessions I felt I understood myself more deeply, but I also left the sessions with clear strategies which enabled me to overcome the areas where I was having difficulty and to really promote my strengths of character.

The results have been incredibly beneficial. Instead of feeling defeated and overwhelmed all of the time, I feel capable of managing challenging situations. This change is keeping me focussed and totally motivated. I have worked on manageable chunks with Lisa, but feel confident to implement my new abilities into every area of my life over the coming months, and I’m very excited about what I can achieve. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is ready to implement new ways of thinking in to their lives.”

Hannah- Stoke

“Working with Lisa helped me to overcome my panic attacks and anxiety. For 3 years even the most ordinary task felt like a mountain to climb. I struggled to hold down a job, stopped going out and found it impossible to relax or enjoy life. I felt hopeless and believed this would be all life had in store for me.

Lisa led me to find my own answers in my own way, and I located the reasons behind my feelings and behaviours.

After 5 sessions I feel totally different, and this has already had a positive impact on my life. I’m positive, excited about getting my life on track and for once, I`m looking forward to the future.”

Michael – Newcastle-under-Lyme

“Before I got in touch with Lisa I was possibly in the worst place in my life that I could imagine. I was so emotional that I shut out everyone in my life and didn’t speak about what I was going through and how I was feeling. I was very depressed…to the point that I didn’t speak to or see any friends, I only left the house if I had to and I cried to sleep every night for at least a whole year. I wasn’t just effecting myself but I was effecting my family and those close to me.

I was obsessive in my relationship. It was obvious that my partner didn’t value me, and was treating me badly, but I was desperately clinging on, obsessing about his every move, trying to win him back and get his attention. I thought about nothing else, I was consumed by my relationship even though I knew it wasn’t working and was wrong for me.

I found Lisa after searching and contacting a few professionals. I felt like I would be most comfortable with Lisa and I was right. I felt like a broken woman when we met. After the 1st session I felt like a new person..I couldn’t believe it. A weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was stunned how different I felt.

After 3 sessions I’m back on track, I’m able to socialise again and I’m living and planning my life now, for myself. Lisa used a number of methods to help me get where I need to be and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her. I was in a terrible place in my life but now I feel like things are going to get even better. I’m going to keep seeing Lisa as I feel like she can help me with different aspects of my life that I need guidance with. She is so easy to talk to and made me feel so comfortable that I managed to open up to her over my own family and friends.”

“ Lisa’s professionalism, intelligence, and ability to communicate clearly and effectively with her clients is evident from the start. Her ability to quickly understand and adapt to solving my issues, and to equip me with feasible solutions to effect changes that once seemed insurmountable is an exceptional talent. I would not hesitate to recommend her. “

Sam – Cheshire

‘I was recommended to see Lisa after quite an emotional and stressful time in my life. After trying for so long to have a baby, I had just had a miscarriage losing my twins, and was under a great deal of stress at work holding down a very high demanding managerial role. They say time is a great healer, however I can honestly say that seeing Lisa was one of the best decisions I made. She really coached me to become more positive, let go of my anger and fear, and take back control of my life. I am so much happier in myself and look forward to what the future may hold. Thank you so much Lisa for your wonderful and patient coaching skills – I would surely recommend Lisa to anyone that’s open to it. I think everyone could do with a little help from time to time!!”

Deepi – London

“Before NLP and hypnotherapy with Lisa my life was problematic. I suffered anxiety and depression: I lacked confidence and constantly worried about social situations to the point that I would get heart palpitations and chest pains. I had no job and no motivation or focus. Part of this was due to an unsettled home life in my childhood.

During my sessions I realised I hadn’t felt confident to form my own identity and I really got down to the roots of my problems. The sessions were very warm, welcoming and understanding. They helped me overcome issues I faced daily and had had for several years.

My life has completely changed since the therapy, it`s become a lot more positive. Now I feel stress-free, happy and confident to face daily issues. I’m more comfortable around people and can create proper boundaries so it`s not all about pleasing people all the time. I feel a lot more motivated and focused on the future and I’m now starting a new job. My physical symptoms of heart palpitations and chest pains have also completely gone, and that is way beyond what I expected.

I am thankful I contacted Lisa when I did. It has been a blessing at such a pivotal point in my life.”

Connor – Newcastle-under-Lyme

“Lisa came highly recommended by a friend and I’m so glad I made contact. At the time I wasn’t coping well. I work in a fast paced, results driven industry and the stress and pressure I was under began to physically manifest itself, I was suffering from dizziness and regular panic attacks which made even getting in to work on public transport a huge issue.

My family life was suffering, and I just felt like I couldn’t enjoy anything any more.

I honestly have to say that after working with Lisa, it had an almost immediate effect on both my behaviour and also how I deal with those stressful work triggers. I identified those old, negative thought patterns which were causing the problem, and they are now a thing of the past. My thinking has been re-trained completely and the result is I feel confident and assertive. I’m doing a great job and getting recognised for it. Outside of work my outlook is positive and I now have a ‘can do’ attitude for the first time in years.

Working with Lisa has been absolutely life changing. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Marie – London

“NLP Therapy really worked for me. The sessions were unlike any therapy I`ve had before and as a result I’ve made incredible progress with my phobia issues for the first time in 20 years. I now feel confident and relaxed when faced by my old fears. I have also seen the great results in my Business, and in my home life. I`m much more positive since working with Lisa, she has a warm and friendly approach and I would thoroughly recommend her.”

Dean – Cheshire

“I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Lisa as a practitioner. I found her to be very patient, knowledgeable and felt she really went the extra mile to understand my issues in their entirety before working/coming to a solution.

I have seen other practitioners over the years but I found the techniques Lisa used to be revolutionary. I have now overcome issues I had been holding on to for years! Thank you Lisa.”

Michael – London

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Weight Loss & Disordered Eating…

“I have struggled with my weight for all of my adult life. I had tried every popular way of losing weight. I was usually very successful but then something would happen and I would revert back to my old eating habits and pile the weight back on.

Following a very painful end to an amazing relationship I hit another low and was piling on the weight again. I was unhealthy, uncomfortable and extremely sad. My eating and bingeing felt completely out of my control and at my worst I felt addicted to sugar.

I decided that I had to do something to finally sort myself out. I’m so glad I did. Working with Lisa has been amazing. I feel she began helping me change my life from the very first session. Although the reason I had made the appointment was my destructive relationship with food, Lisa helped me to unlock all sorts of issues that had been contributing to my choices, habits and relationship patterns since I was a child. I wasn’t expecting anything so profound from the first session.

I didn’t tell many people about my sessions but was very pleased that even my mum commented that she could tell I finally liked myself. She was so happy to see that in me after so long.

Lisa is a warm, friendly and very talented professional. She has helped me to understand my emotional processes and therefore helped me to change my behaviours. I can’t begin to explain how much this process has changed my life for the better. I have and will continue to recommend Lisa highly. Thank you for all your help Lisa.”

Lisa – Cheshire

“I went to see Lisa for Weight Issues. My eating habits were getting worse: eating even when full, going overboard with sweet treats during strong cravings. Nothing was a sin and I hated myself for it. I was self-destructing.

I was sceptical of hypnotherapy and NLP, but I was so unhappy with my weight and my relationship to food I wanted to get help.

Even after my first meeting I found it easy to decline pudding. After 4 sessions I noticed more changes in myself, especially around mealtimes and my attitude towards food. Snacks were no longer a packet of biscuits or a family size chocolate bar but now just 1 or 2 biscuits or squares of chocolate. My portion size at mealtimes was also smaller, and I was leaving food on the plate, something I hadn’t done in years! I also felt different on the inside, at an emotional level, my inner confidence in my looks and my abilities grew!

The sessions help you make long term lasting change so it feels part of you and natural.
I achieved everything I set out to achieve, and more…And the sceptic is well and truly convinced!!”

Joanne – Cannock

“My goal was weight loss, and to change my relationship with food. I found myself just eating for the sake of eating, and once I started I didn’t know how to stop. I wanted to have more self control, eat healthy portions and feel free to focus on other things outside of mealtimes.

The first session with Lisa gave an instant sense of relief, and found I was thinking differently about food and snacking. In fact, more importantly I wasn’t thinking about food at all unless I was hungry! When I did eat, I knew when I was full and stopping at that point was easy. I was delighted with the result, which was consolidated after a couple more sessions.

I would thoroughly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to address their unhealthy relationship with food.”

Christine – London

“After about ten years of crash diets and binges I really felt I needed to get a grip on my relationship with food. I was binging on chocolate and cakes, and was not able to keep weight off. I was plagued by constant thoughts of food and my weight.

I’m so pleased I made contact with Lisa. She is not only highly professional, but friendly too. She makes things understandable and easy. After five sessions and I can honestly say it has changed my life!! The sweet cravings have completely disappeared, my portion sizes have decreased, I’m eating a balanced healthy diet. In a few weeks I lost half a stone easily. Because there is no battle of willpower, and I’m not on a crash diet, it feels part of the way I am now, and completely sustainable for the first time in my life.”

Sarah – London

“I sought Lisa’s help because I was really struggling with food issues which I believed to be binge eating disorder. I was often out of control around food, unable to stop eating when I was full, battling with strong cravings for sugary cakes and biscuits, and even ‘sleep walk eating’ unconsciously at night. I was feeling desperately low about my body image and constantly beating myself up for not being able to sort it out, take control, and get to the weight I wanted.

The issues caused me a lot of daily anxiety which was spilling over into my work and personal life, getting in the way of me performing to my best, or being able to be in the moment and actually enjoy myself. The whole battle left me absolutely exhausted, as it affected the quality and quantity of my sleep.

When I met Lisa I was very close to giving up, she was my last hope. I had seen several therapists and counselors before, who helped to a degree, but had come nowhere near resolving my issues at their emotional roots.

Once I started working with Lisa, the sessions really helped me to identify the true inner issues that I had been holding onto for many years. These were the triggers for my anxiety and self esteem issues, and resolving them was important for me to really move forward the way I wanted.

As well as the work we did together in the sessions, Lisa also taught me techniques to take away and use myself when I needed them. I found these really helpful and empowering, as I could do something myself if anything got difficult. After 3 sessions I can say the work we did has made a significant change in my attitude towards myself, and to food. This has set the way to eating the way I want, and being happy with myself. Even though I haven’t yet reached my end goal weight, these sessions have allowed me to accept myself, to feel in control, and to stay motivated to take the actions I need to take.

I would recommend Lisa after these significant changes in a short space of time, we originally discussed 6 sessions, but I’m happy with the results after 3, and will go back if I need further support.”

Caroline – London

“I approached Lisa because I wanted to lose weight, I had been putting on weight for a couple of years, mostly because I had some health issues which resulted in me having no energy, so I was spending a lot of time sleeping or resting. We worked on the lack of energy, and I was amazed how quickly that was resoled. Lisa then worked with me on my portion size and cravings for sugary food, as I was consuming at least 1000 calories per day in sugary desserts and cakes alone, in addition to my main food.

I had very strong cravings for sweets, several times a day – I would battle with them for half an hour, maybe an hour, but eventually they would get so strong I would have to give in. I found it hard to imagine being any different as I had always eaten lots of sugary foods since I was a child. Within the first week my diet totally changed, I cut out almost all of the sweet food I used to eat, and some of it tasted far too sweet to eat. I felt committed to the healthy choices we talked about in the sessions, motivated to stick to the plan, but most of all, those cravings were a thing of the past. I felt that we resolved the true issues behind the cravings.

Of course, the main result is that 6 weeks later I’ve lost the weight easily, as my calorie intake is down by about half, still more to go for me to me at my target weight, but I feel I`m on the right track. I also feel like my whole system is balancing now that I`ve de-toxed from all of that sugar, and my body will continue to find the right equilibrium, the same way it did after we worked on my long standing energy issues.”

Lucyna – London

“I just wanted you to know that your amazing hard work with me has made a massive difference to my life. I have had a tough couple of weeks with. My boss has been very rude and unprofessional to me recently, undermining me. I have taken it for a week or so but finally told her today how she is making me feel.

My daughter suddenly pointed out to me today that although things have been stressful I am still eating healthily. I feel totally different about my food. I’m feeling so much better about myself and my life. Thank you Lisa”

Lucy – Cheshire

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Anger & Addiction…

“Following a string of personal disasters and period of self destruction I wasn’t able to ask for help. Be it pride or defiance, I refused to believe that I was unwell.

For years I have always ‘fought through the storm’, you know; head down and carry on, but eventually that lack of self appreciation and care resulted in not only my own downfall but impacted on my family.
At this point I could see that I needed help. Taking the first step was the most difficult because at that initail moment when you engaged with me, it was like I was given a new breath of air to openly describe my struggle – to find my voice.

You helped me to retain my self respect and found ways of subconsciously allowing me to balance out. I can’t tell you how you did it. Even though your methods were transparent, your delivery of support was near magical.

I admit, I was sceptical but you were professional in every way and I felt immediately comfortable even as a potential cynic. You were open; you described to me how works. And Lisa, it worked! For the first time in years I am myself again. I have control of my choices. New avenues have opened up to me just by being who I am.

I now wake up every day with a smile on my face, appreciating what I am and those who I share my life with.

I would recommend you without hesitation and I can’t thank you enough.”

Mark – Stoke on Trent

“I’m 41 and had smoked since I was 14 years old! I had tried countless ways of trying to quit smoking in the past but had no success. I felt ready to quit for lots of reasons, health, family & finance, I booked hypnotherapy and EFT sessions with Lisa as I didn’t know what else to try. I can honestly say I couldn’t have managed to quit without Lisa’s help. After only 2 sessions I’m a happy non-smoker. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who’s serious about quitting smoking for good. Thank you Lisa. “

Chris – Cheshire

Performance | Career | Relationship Coaching…

“After seeing Lisa for 2 months I have transformed the way I think. I have a new attitude to organising and planning my goals and tasks. Her techniques in coaching are engaging and easy to comprehend making the whole process relaxed and fun.

My life has changed drastically in a positive way, being more confident within my line of work and in myself, which has led to more success and great feedback from others who were able to notice a difference in me after one or two sessions.

This drastic change has also improved my personal life with my girlfriend, friends and family, way more than I expected from Coaching.

Overall I feel more relaxed within myself and I’m living my life in a pretty stress free way, exactly the way I wanted to. If you’re career minded and want to improve within your field, then I highly recommend Lisa. She has helped me change my life, my performance and my career prospects for the better in a very short space of time.”

Sebastian – London

“I’m a huge fan of Lisa Bardell Coaching. Lisa has helped me to clarify situations that were seemingly impossible, to find ways to resolve business dramas and issues with minimum shockwaves. More importantly she facilitated forward motion in my personal life when I felt I was a fly caught in amber.
Lisa is one of the most professional practitioners that I have had the pleasure of working with, always approachable, understanding and empathetic. I look forward to each session, they are revelatory but also easy to make use of in your day to day life. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. Every second is time well spent!”

Paulette – Spain

“After couple of months working on performance, mindset and career coaching with Lisa, the impact on my performance, the way I operate in the work place and the prospects for my career has been huge. I would highly recommend Lisa.

At first I wasn’t sure about how coaching works, I thought it was going to be based around goal setting, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It has been about finding the blockages in my thinking and working my way around these blocks, creating new pathways, to develop a new way of thinking. Confidence, motivation and ease in the work place are now just common place in my every day life giving me the clarity and enthusiasm to progress and perform to the best of my ability in my job and socially”

Ben – Stoke

“For years, I was a musician trapped in a prison created by crippling lack of self confidence, discomfort in one’s own skin and total disorganisation! Through performance and mindset coaching with Lisa, I have learned to envision my goals clearly; therefore making them instantly more achievable. I have learned to develop my motivation and focus by setting smaller, realistic goals, which provides the motivation to continue towards my bigger goal. I’m studying music with a new confidence and have committed myself to my own self-development. I am already performing live, in a relaxed and confident way, in fact really enjoying it – this would have been inconceivable a few months ago. With Lisa, I worked through the old barriers I had put in place for many years, and once they were resolved, the rest came easily. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa.”

Hannah – Newcastle-u-Lyme

“Working with Lisa the first thing I noticed is how calm and methodical she is in her approach. I found it easy to discuss things with her and not only was she a good listener she also quickly came up with a constructive approach to help me deal with difficulties. What surprised me most from working with her was how quickly I saw changes and felt more confident to drive things forward myself. I would highly recommend Lisa’s services for any issue you wish to address or take a positive step in changing.”

Gemma – London

I can say without hesitation that contacting Lisa was one of the best things I’ve done so far on my quest for personal development.

I immediately felt at ease with Lisa and she made a positive impact on my life, for which I’m really grateful. I would recommend her highly. She helped me to transform some of my thought processes, making a big difference in both my private and professional life in a short space of time.

For anyone who has previously attended coaching sessions of any kind, you will soon realize that Lisa is extremely good at what she does.”

Kevin – London

“When I initially went to see Lisa for performance coaching I was a sceptic! I’m a musician and was full of self-doubt when I was playing at gigs, which was stopping me playing and taking opportunities to further my career. A few weeks after our sessions, I was able to enjoy playing at gigs, feeling confident and free of nerves, a complete transformation in a short space of time. This was a fantastic result for me. I would recommend Lisa highly to any other musician wanting to improve their performance.”

Ed – London

“When I first started working with Lisa I felt an instant rapport, despite being a middle aged lawyer who often finds it difficult to talk about feelings! The sessions made a huge difference to my life and wellbeing. Lisa really cares about helping you to find a way forward. It has been a great privilege to have worked with Lisa and I will always be grateful to her for the hugely positive impact she has had on my life.”

Keith – London

“I was struggling with one of my ‘A’ level subjects. With Lisa’s help I was able to change my belief about my ability. I was much more focused, getting on with revision instead of stressing and doubting myself…I began to contribute more in class. My tutors noticed the difference and I got an A in my mock exam. I’m so much more confident now.”

Christy – Maidenhead

“Thank you so much for the session, Lisa. The pattern we worked on was indeed familiar to me from before, but you asked questions in a way so that I could get intuitive insight and emotional resolution. I really let go and saw myself in a different light. Thank you again!”

Magnus Andersson – Oslo

“I am so grateful to Lisa for helping me over my relationship issues with my stepchildren. She is professional yet sensitive. Through her expert guidance, I saw for myself what was happening for me. Lisa gently untangled my situation and moved me forward. It was and continues to be, utterly liberating!! I had been stuck for 10 years, where other practitioners had failed Lisa fixed me in a couple of hours!
Her attention to detail is second to none, always flexible. She is intuitive with a great sense of humour. If you are having difficulties in your life, she will enable you to make great change and great choices. Thank you, Lisa.”

Renira – Sussex

“Lisa helped me with reoccurring, energy draining and totally stuck thought patterns about life and relationships. I can wholeheartedly recommend Lisa as a coach, her personal approach is highly effective and totally flexible whether you are stuck personally or professionally.”

Maria – Oslo

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Pain & Chronic Fatigue…

“Lisa is warm and supportive but above all effective!

I have had amazing results with my Migraines, since the day we worked on them I have not had a single one for 6 months, and previously I used to get at least one a month. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa.”

Helen – Iver

“I used to sleep too much and rest a lot, and still felt tired all the time. I found it impossible to get up early in the morning or even wake up without several alarm clocks… Things to do were piling up, housework was neglected and I had no energy to deal with all that. My job was suffering most – I am self-employed and found myself cutting down the work hours more and more! I was in bed or on the sofa for most of the time…

Working on this with Lisa completely changed my life after only a couple of sessions. Eight months later I cannot quite believe it! I am awake before the alarm clock, I get up early in the morning and I feel well rested. I have both physical and mental energy to deal with every day tasks and I spend more hours at work. I even started dealing with everything that I got behind with during the last few years.
It’s a whole new me and I love it!”

Lucyna – London

“I suffered with Migraines all my life, and was constantly looking out for the signs in an attempt to manage them. After only one session of working with Lisa they are no longer and issue for me, in fact I don`t even think about them!”

Michelle – London

“I had suffered with a painful knee whilst running for many years and doctors could not identify a medical cause for the pain. It had got so bad that I gave up running completely, I was gutted. However working with Lisa has completely turned this around. Just like magic my knee feels strong, healthy and comfortable and I am running now several times a week with ease! Thank you Lisa for all you have done, I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!”

Kate – Staffordshire

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SHINE Meditation & Coaching Program Testimonials: 

  • I have found Lisa’s SHINE program invaluable, and am consistently recommending it to friends and colleagues. As a result, I have become more centred and grounded. I have ‘owned’ my emotions and been more resilient, whilst being much more productive at work and have been thinking more clearly. Physically I have had more energy and I have felt more refreshed on waking. The biggest transformation has been in my own personal power, feeling the courage to be authentic. In the past I have avoided conflict at all cost. I now feel I am more able to express myself and have open conversations with people I care about. There’s been an extremely important insight gained through this process: No-one has the power to take away my inner sense of peace. I love and value myself and accept myself. I have felt happier and more resilient. The rewards from SHINE far outweigh the time commitment needed.  Regarding the techniques and the tutorial material, I found it INCREDIBLY helpful to have permission to use steps 4 & 5. I used to beat myself up if I drifted back in to my thoughts. I loved the ‘reverse gravity effect’ for the mind. The course is very clear and practical, SHINE is truly excellent programme! Lisa has a gift for distilling everything down into simple, easy to follow concepts that reap huge benefits. I have tried several meditation practices over the past couple of years. I will be sticking to this one, because IT WORKS! Thanks Lisa from my whole heart! Peggy – Trial group participant


  • Thanks Lisa for the SHINE program, it has had such a positive impact on my wellbeing, my outlook and my approach to life in general. I can’t tell you how it’s changed my life, I’m a different person.
    The routine which ‘bookends’ the day is so grounding, and reminds me of what I have, rather than what I don’t have. It helps me centre and be grounded and mindful, it helps me to notice, to be present to life and aware. I have a stressful job and am currently managing stressful life events.
    I accept that life has its ups and downs but since SHINE I feel I can be myself for the first time, which means I can say no and be more comfortable expressing what I want.
    The evening ritual helps me let go of the stresses of the day, and manage my thoughts and what meanings I attach to those thoughts.
    I will continue to use SHINE, and incorporate it into a longer morning ritual. Setting outcomes each day throughout the 6 week programme really helped me remain grounded, focussed and to be myself. Thanks Lisa for passing on all this knowledge so we have been able to receive the enormous benefits of this approach, what you have created has been so well appreciated. Helena – Trial group participant




  • SHINE Meditation with Lisa has transformed my life. Not only do I feel more calm and emotionally resilient, following an emotional wobble this summer, but I also have an increased sense of daily wellbeing, and I feel more centred and grounded in myself. Lisa is a fantastic and really thorough teacher. I can’t praise her and her work more highly. The SHINE Program has made a huge difference, and I’m happy to recommend it to anyone who is ready for a daily practice, and wants to boost their forward momentum and focus in life. Zara – Therapist, London


  • I cannot begin to express how using this technique has enabled me to not only find peace, but find real joy. I was at such a low point after a shocking diagnosis that I was struggling to pick myself up. After using the SHINE Technique, the difference I noticed in myself was unbelievable! I’ve learned how to stand away from my thoughts, and not to be dominated by them and by my emotions. The transformation is incredible, and I can’t thank Lisa enough for helping me to discover a way of bringing light in to my life that I can tap in to on a daily basis. SHINE Meditation is simple but incredibly effective. Marion – Artist, Cheshire


  • The SHINE 6-week program has benefitted me in many ways. In terms of mental benefits – I am able to be a little more present with those I love. Emotionally, I am less reactive and more patient with my husband and children. I can laugh a little more easily. Physically, I am sleeping more soundly. Falling asleep more easily and when I have woken in the middle of the night, I can do my breathing and slip off back to sleep fairly quickly. The shift in my connections with others have been the most significant, and created the best moments for me. Being present with my children, is wonderful. During the 6 weeks, I found myself sitting with my children, having a cuddle and really relishing the moment in every way. Before, I would be thinking of other things; work, dinner etc rather than enjoying what was happening. I believe I was able to do this because of SHINE. By about Day 12, I started feeling that I was more present when speaking to friends and colleagues. I was able to have more relaxed conversations with people I hadn’t felt that at ease with before! I noticed I was less self-critical and dared to share more about myself with others. With the technique itself, I liked the element of appreciation of life as a start to the day, and a recap of what I had resisted or been attached to, at the end of the day. For me, it felt really therapeutic to let go at the end of the day, and to actually say clearly that this is what I was doing. Finding the remedy energy for the day too, the antidote, for the end of the day meditation was very powerful. Continuing on the relationship theme, I’ve been feeling closer to my husband, our relationship is stringer. I’m more present when we talk and he has opened up to me about a few things. We both realised we had drifted apart in the last few years. Thank you Lisa. Marianna – Trial group participant


  • Thank you for allowing me to participate in the SHINE trial. I definitely benefited so much from it. I am normally a fairly calm person and seldom lose my temper or suffer from anxiety but the process definitely made me feel more relaxed, able to think clearer and better able to deal with certain situations in my life. It gave me focus. By focusing on one emotion at a time it gave me direction and clarity. The biggest benefit and surprise, was that could see evidence of the emotion I meditated on reflected in my life that day!. On one occasion I focused on ‘connection’ and that same day something I posted on facebook connected with more people than I ever expected it to. I noticed similar effects on the relationships with people in my life when I meditated on love, compassion and understanding. I have always believed in the power of the mind but this experience has really reinforced it for me in a tangible way. I liked the feeling of releasing positive energy into my energy field. Whatever emotion or feeling I chose, I sent it out to all the people in my life. I really appreciated the discipline and focus this method gave me due to its structure. By using it in connection with the people in my life, I noticed the difference it made to my relationships. Although I am generally calm certain situations can make me tense and I definitely felt more relaxed using this method and will definitely carry on using it. Thank you again Lisa. Patricia – Trial group participant


  • I wish I had met Lisa 25 years ago and learnt SHINE then. My life was so busy and stressful. I had anxiety and bouts of depression for 15 years. I knew I was on a very rocky road to burn out but I had no idea how to mentally get off the hamster wheel. Through Lisa’s guidance I am now more in control of my emotions, I am much calmer, happier and can keep things in perspective a great deal more. I am much less reactive to stressful situations. I think i am more honest with myself and others, because I know myself better, I am aware I can find a fault when probably there isn’t one! I can let things go more easily now. If I have been triggered, I can calm down almost immediately. For me the morning ritual has been the most beneficial part of the process. It sets the tone for the day, but in a subconscious way! This stays with me all day and I am more aware and appreciative of the little things. I think I am more tolerant and now can look for the other side of the story, before reacting! Things pop up and remind me to be grateful, or to find joy in what I am doing. The review at the end of the day has given me more clarity about myself and how I tend to worry about perceived injustices!! My memory has also improved noticeably. In addition, I am sleeping much better, have much more energy, and am waking up before the alarm! I will continue with the meditations and would love to attend a retreat in the near future. Many many thank you’s Lisa. Barbara – Trial group participant


  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the 6 week SHINE program, and have found my physical, as well as emotional progress has revealed just how much stress I was holding onto throughout the day. I absolutely love my job its so rewarding as a teacher of special needs teenagers. However the politics around staff I have found particularly challenging as I clearly don’t understand people who don’t have a genuine passion for this job. This had previously stressed me out so much, I was at the point of despair which could have manifested itself as unprofessional behaviour! Thankfully, using SHINE meditation and the coaching techniques within the course, this did not happen. I was surprised how chilled I started to feel despite the meditation technique not being the most natural course to follow. I had used EFT Tapping techniques before but they just hadn’t worked around the degree of stressful situation I found myself in. Thanks to SHINE I’m much calmer, far more focused and have discovered how to use the technique to quite literally shine out just how happy I actually am with most of my life. This change has been picked up by the young people with autism who are very tuned into others feelings. Therefore this has directly benefited my students and their lessons! I will keep practising every day, because the morning technique definitely sets up my mood for the whole day. Thank you Lisa!! Helen – Trial group participant


  • Since starting the SHINE program, I find myself recommending the course to most people!! I believe it would have real benefits to almost everyone, especially anyone going through a stressful, difficult or perhaps depressed time. I joined the course realising that I had a real need for change in my life, some balance to my emotions and methods of dealing with overwhelm induced by a busy career and a young family with all of the competing issues this brings. I wanted to be a better parent and a better person, reducing my “mind chatter” and my internal self criticism to a more manageable level. As a result, I find I can be calmer with the children and find more enjoyment and excitement in my work. I also sleep better and feel more energised during the day. My decision making and prioritising feels vastly improved too. I felt much better able to deal with what might previously have been stressful situations for me. Such as running late or panicking I have forgotten something at work. I have also felt better able to prioritise and felt much less overwhelmed. As early as the 3rd week, the practice became a natural part of the day and I would settle into it quite easily. By the end of the 6 weeks, I was surprised how calm I can be, and decisive over issues which I might have agonised over previously. What is brilliant is learning how quickly I can return to a state of calm when I might feel myself starting to become overwhelmed. I really liked the appreciation part of the morning ritual, I felt a stronger and stronger connection as time has passed and I notice a real joy in things like a beautiful sunny day and blue sky. I actively look for these things as part of the morning appreciation exercise. Thank you Lisa. Hannah – Trial group participant


  • Before the SHINE program, I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown my anxiety would literally make me shake, I can control this better now, I feel a lot calmer. What made the biggest difference, was if I felt a wobble coming on just to concentrate on my breathing, as trained, really helped me to stay calm and less anxious. Even by the end of the first few weeks I felt much happier than I had been for a long time. By the end of the 6 weeks I felt much less stressed more positive in general. I feel like there is hope and I have successfully learned I can control my feelings and the crazy thoughts in my head. The evening meditation helped calm my racing thoughts before bedtime and I felt that I slept much better, when I often used to struggle. Participating in the SHINE trial program, has introduced me to meditation and helped me to think more clearly, remain calm, and to feel more positive about the future. The word future is a massive breakthrough for me as since my Dad passed away from a brain tumour two years ago, I have very much been living in a world of grief. My bereavement counsellor suggested meditation so I did some research and found Lisa’s website I really wanted to attend one of Lisa’s courses, but I just didn’t have the confidence to go alone. Seeing the online trial programme which I learned from home was perfect. The tutorial webinars are not only really interesting, but helpful and very clear to understand. Thank you Lisa. I would love to do the Ibiza retreat one day! Claire – Trial group participant


  • Learning & using the SHINE technique has given me an opportunity to be still mentally and allow myself time to connect with my thoughts and emotions. It has helped me remain calm about situations that may previously have caused me to feel anxious and worried. It has helped me put negative thoughts and emotions into perspective and deal with them more rationally. Physically, the morning technique has set me up for the day and helped start the day off with good energy. In the evening, the technique has allowed me to identify things that may have come up during the day, forgive, make peace and fully relax for a good nights sleep. The act of setting an intention for the day I believe helped me to create the type of days I desire. If it was to have connection, then new connections were made. If it was to experience joy then that followed. I believe that the days I may have missed a morning practice showed as days that didn’t easily flow. By the last few weeks, it was much easier to focus and I was also looking forward to my time to practice. I had tried to meditate before but had never stuck to a practice as I didn’t find anything that I ‘understood’ or that felt easeful for me. I now feel that I have something that integrates easily into my life, is easy to follow and adds benefit to my life. I am a lover of systems! I love the simplicity of the SHINE practice and the fact that I can set my intention for my day first thing in the morning and have a technique to use throughout the day, should the need arise. Thank you Lisa for allowing us all to Shine even brighter!!! Susanne – Trial group participant


  • I started the SHINE trial with anxiety, and during the program, I’ve been much more in control of that. The biggest benefit was knowing I could also use the technique whenever I was having a bad time. Because you explained that mind wandering was all part of the process, it helped me to accept that more than I’d ever done before, and that was the biggest help in finding this technique progressive. By the last few weeks I was indeed spending much longer without thought intrusions in my meditations. I have finally learned to accept thoughts as just thoughts, and to just let them go without judgement or analysis. I feel like I’ve got a proper toolkit to dip into now if I need to, and I can regain control if I’m starting to get panicky. I have really enjoyed the benefits of SHINE, thank you Lisa. And I’m determined to continue and make it part of every day. Barbara – Trial group participant


  • I love SHINE and am recommending to friends and colleagues! Since starting the trial, I have felt less triggered by situations by having a clear purpose and appreciation at the front of my mind. I have found it much easier to separate stimulus and response rather than rush into things. I’ve felt much calmer and my brain has been much clearer. Reducing my stress levels has been the biggest benefit. I drive 2 hours to and from work and have a 3 year old so often run from one thing to the next and have little time for me. Using the SHINE technique let me switch off at night, and kept me true to what I wanted rather than getting distracted by other people’s requests. Overall it just make me much calmer and more balanced. During the last few weeks I was getting less distracted than when I first started, and I could tune in automatically and feel myself go into the meditation quite deep and quickly. My visualisations were very vivid too as I seemed to connect totally both mentally and physically. What an important insight it’s been to realise ten minutes spent on yourself and your wellbeing actually unleashes you to be much more effective, more focused and less stressed and generally to become well balanced as everything feels in tune – your actions your purpose etc. I loved choosing my ‘energy’ at start of the day. I am naturally a morning person and upbeat but this practice at the start of the day helped me connect with that feeling visually, mentally and facilitated my interactions with people off the back of it, helping me get the best out of each situation. Many thanks once again for this opportunity Lisa. Lesley – Trial group participant




  • The physical benefits from SHINE are that I’m sleeping better. Mentally and emotionally I am finding it a lot easier to deal with stresses, whether that be with a job I was very unhappy with or in my day to day life. However the most transformative benefit for me has been peace. I feel at peace. My mind is clearer and I am able to focus more on the good. Even in the first few weeks I noticed how easy it was to just stop being so bothered by outside negativity. A new insight gained through this programme, is that I have complete control over the thoughts in my head. Honestly, just the fact that I took time out for myself to just sit and be still, and realising that this is not only allowed but necessary, has helped me most of all. I have really enjoyed being part of this study and am pleasantly surprised by the changes. I am calmer, happier and more able to focus. I have found the strength to make changes in my life I never thought possible. Other people have commented on the difference in my attitude and outlook. I am so grateful for this method of meditation, it is one I feel I can continue to use and move forward with. Sharon – Trial group participant


  • On the SHINE Program, I started each day with a more positive intent, which I found quite rapidly to translate into actions; I felt kinder and more open to people. Rather than being at the mercy of how I felt when I woke up, by doing the SHINE meditation, I felt that I had more control and ‘say’ over my day, which helped me notice my own behaviours and reactions; that has been a big help. In the first few weeks, my sleep, never brilliant, had become deeper which led to me feeling more refreshed. I have learned that treating our minds with positivity and love is as important as treating our bodies with the right food and exercise; that’s why I like the SHINE name – it implies an outward warmth and nurturing that you really feel. There are various components to SHINE, rather than solely a meditation technique, and I found all of it helpful without real exception, but what I found helped me the most, was making the investment to do the technique twice a day. That introduced me to the possibilities of committing to a routine, and that in itself is a considerable benefit. Although my last weeks were marred by a personal event, the prior weeks spent with SHINE led me to feel more grounded, positive and inclined to show myself tenderness and love. These were new concepts for me, and I definitely felt that the process was giving me a consistency of self-love that had been sorely missing up until that point. I would recommend it for those people looking for a gentle but effective change to a more hopeful and more balanced perspective. It requires a very manageable commitment to a 20 minute daily practice which very quickly proved its worth with both mental and physical benefits becoming apparent. Sarah – Trial group participant


  • SHINE worked for me when I was emotionally broken, it gave me stability and focus, it got me back on track and feeling like myself again. When I began SHINE, I was at an emotional ‘Ground Zero’. I decided to use SHINE to bring some stability and comfort to me. Mentally, it gave me the chance to think exactly how I wanted to begin my day – to be constructive. This helped enormously and stood as a leaning post for me in my wobbly days. Breathing, when you can do nothing else and it hurts to think, actively focusing on breathing grounded me. Emotionally it was so beneficial to focus on who and what I appreciated in life. When all appeared to be lost, I focused on what I had and that helped so much. Physically, it made me actively sit down and meditate, it calmed me down. Retracing the breathing exercises were a must, my mind wandered off a lot into ‘Woe is Me’ territory! The appreciation work and choosing to let go of feelings that didn’t serve me well. Deciding to let go and actually saying it is very powerful. If you think something, then voice it, it makes it all the more real. So if think it and also say it, it becomes reality. Thought word and deed. The calmness, and the smile on my face when I focused on who I appreciated. I hadn’t smiled for a while. It became an automatic reaction – Instant Bounce Back became my Go To reaction when having that inevitable Emotional Wobble Actively letting go of emotions or thoughts I do not need anymore. In the beginning, it was extremely ritualistic for me, it gave me stability and focus for my emotional problems at the time. Helen – Trial group participant


  • Since using SHINE I’ve enjoyed Increased mental clarity and physical calmness. It helps me to assess problems objectively and brings me instant clarity by getting rid of all the “stress noise”. Really useful!! Also I find it really good for easing emotional turmoil or overwhelm caused by multitasking – a couple of minutes of SHINE helps me focus on what really matters and do one task at a time. Physically I’ve noticed big changes, I had all sorts of problems with my tummy for quite some time (IBS & gluten allergy just to name a few) and after a week of doing SHINE the cramps on the left side of tummy slowly started to ease, this was a huge thing for me!! I’ve also been sleeping a lot better since starting SHINE! It is now my go to for relief from overwhelm or anxiety. I would have never guessed all that can be sorted by meditating! Also it has been incredibly helpful when I’ve needed to clarify any work decisions. In general I’ve had a more relaxed attitude to work and life. Heidi – Trial group participant


  • Since starting SHINE the mental benefits have been more focus and clarity of though with a less scattered mind. The emotional benefits are that I felt calmer and more relaxed in general, even after a week or so of using the technique, and less likely to cry or react in an angry way. The physical benefits have been better quality sleep and my body has been less fidgety. However, the biggest benefit for me was connecting into my heart, rather than being in my head all the time. It allowed me to focus in on what I really wanted and made me feel less hopeless and more in control of my life. The first few days I found it initially difficult, my mind was quite busy. This got easier after a week or so, and I began to look forward to taking time for myself. My most important insight was getting to know myself better and also learning to appreciate what I have, which came through activating the heart connection. I found choosing a remedy energy (word) for the practice to be the most tricky as sometimes I didn’t know which one to choose. I think I got caught up in thinking there was a right way to do this, but I did relax into going with my gut instinct as time went on. This technique is a real breath of fresh air for me, in that it takes elements from other practices but brings them together in a way that really works. I feel much calmer and more optimistic about the future, I didn’t think I would see such a difference in how I feel from just 20 minutes a day. Being more in tune with my heart feels good, and I feel like I’m coming now from a place that is more authentically me. Jenny – Trial group participant 


  • For me, SHINE lifted a mental and emotional fog I hadn’t realised was there. I knew I needed to do something. I just wasn’t sure what. SHINE was exactly what I needed and had ripple effect on my whole life. It ended up with me writing again, eating healthily and going to yoga. It touched every aspect of my life, I just wasn’t expecting that at all. I’m so grateful for this simple but life changing practice. It has brought so much clarity and positive energy into my life. Helping me return to a lifestyle I know makes me feel better. I would highly recommend it to everyone. First time meditators or seasoned meditators. I feel it would help all. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to having this tool in my bag for life. Natalie – Trial group participant


  • Since starting the SHINE Program I’ve stopped worrying so much, especially about upsetting others. I’m more comfortable with saying no basically! I’ve learned to be more patient and be grateful for what I have now. There are still things in my life I want to change but now I appreciate the positive steps I’m taking rather than looking at how far away the end is. The first few weeks I felt way more emotional than usual as I was paying attention to how I felt rather than ignoring the feeling which I’d always tried to do, especially when the feelings have been negative Now I don’t care so much, not in a negative way – but rather I’m less frustrated and angry. I worry less about the things I can’t control and I’m more likely to let go of things that can only be influenced by others. Also I had exams and I didn’t stress about them at all, or feel at all nervous, I felt able to trust in myself more so than before. I have really found benefit in following the shine programme. I wasn’t sure at first and I didn’t find it easy. However, the more I practised, the better I became at it. Im so glad I stuck to it, now I feel so much more positive about where I am in my life and where I am going. I’ve also become more productive I terms of moving forward, and more confident about my abilities to get to my future goals. I’m definitely going to continue with my practice! Maggie – Trial group participant


  • Since starting the SHINE Program I have slept more soundly and felt less anxious during the day and more in control of my emotions. I also realise that I am in control of how I react, think and feel. This came quite early on in the process and it felt empowering. I also noticed that the process has improved my relationship with my husband as I am more thoughtful and responsive. The process has become ‘natural’, I look forward to both sessions and I can identify easily what I want to SHINE and which Remedy Energy best fits my day. I can identify my resistance and attachment and as I record this every day I can see patterns of my behaviour, enabling me to identify areas in which I am particularly ‘stuck’ , and I can work to address these. My most important insight has been to see how ‘stuck’ I was in some thought patterns and behaviours, and how little I displayed positive emotions before using SHINE. I found both deciding how I want to ‘BE’ in the morning, and ‘Letting Go’ each evening, incredibly helpful. I have found using the Shine programme very beneficial to me. It is helping me to be in control of my emotions, reactions and actions. The technique is simple and easy to follow but has had a massive impact on me. I have been able to deal with some difficult situations more easily than I would have done without using SHINE. It is allowing me to make time and space for myself, allowing me to be me, and challenging me to work on those negative thought patterns so that my thinking is more positive and my reactions to situations are done with thought and clarity. Others around me have noticed and fed back that in handling things in a more positive way. I high recommend this programme. Helen – Trial group participant


  • I am so grateful to have been part of the SHINE statistical trial group, it came at just the right time for me when I was considering taking anti depressants/HRT. I had hit an all time low and really didn’t think anything could pull me out of it. I started using the programme at the beginning of the year and within days I was noticing the benefits. Within a couple of weeks I couldn’t recognise the desperate person I had been just a short time before, I felt more positive than I had in ages and could see that there is so much to look forward to. In the beginning, trying to meditate with such a ‘busy’ mind and trying to find positives and things to be grateful for were a challenge, but I am really glad that I stuck with it! It is such a powerful resource that I can see I will be using regularly going forward and recommending to others. I enjoy a clearer, relaxed mind and no emotional hijacks. I have less ‘heart racing’ moments when faced with stress, I’m generally calmer and more positive. The biggest benefit has been feeling both happy and content – the complete opposite to what I’d been feeling when I started. Knowing I do not have to resort to medication to make me feel better has been such a valuable insight for me. Julie – Trial group participant


  • The SHINE technique really works! Since starting the 6 week programme, I have found that it’s helped me create distance from my old habitual ways of thinking or feeling, and instead created a space in which the new ways I wanted to manifest for myself have appeared. The most transformative effects for me were bringing love and attachment into my relationships at work and authenticity into my communication with my husband. Experiencing the value of reviewing my day each day and noticing the points of resistance and attachment has been a big and very important insight to me. Going forward, I will continue to practice that evening acknowledgement ritual, even if I don’t do the full meditation. However, the morning ritual of actually bringing into my life the qualities which I had intentionally chosen, helped me most of all. Thank you. June – Trial group participant


  • Since starting SHINE I have felt more relaxed, more energised and more present with my body, when I feel something I can tune in and notice it and ask what is bothering me. I feel more clear and with less ‘brain fog’ I can see possibilities. Emotionally I have been feeling very stable, and patience has also improved, as well as my willingness to engage in social situations – where otherwise I would have just stayed in. The most notable change has been in my mindfulness, noticing my own resistance in the moment and correcting it more and more as time went on. This showed up as more patience, less arguments, and a deeper understanding of my fears and limiting beliefs that I can now move past as I uncover them in the moment. In the past I could never stick to a meditation routine, so I was thrilled to find out about the Shine progamme. The simplicity of the routine was exactly what I needed. I felt a tremendous change day to day and my clarity also greatly increased. I will come back to SHINE regularly. Tracy – Trial group participant


  • Since using SHINE I feel more grounded, calmer, happier, more positive and more optimistic. Since day one, I started feeling ‘lighter’. The biggest benefit has been learning how to instantly bounce back whenever I get upset, frustrated or angry I now feel I am in control of these emotions instead of them having control over me. Being able to shift my focus to something positive and calming in an instant is priceless! The SHINE morning ritual has become a daily priority and second nature to me and the things I resisted and the things that frustrated me have become much less. What has really surprised me is how easy it is to achieve a new and amazing outlook on life with only 20mins per day! I enjoyed having the morning ritual which set my mood for the day, and the acknowledgement ritual in the evening helped me to realise and release what I had been resisting, and to become more honest with myself. Amal – Trial group participant


  • SHINE has enabled me to become calmer mentally, and more emotionally stable. Once I established a routine the morning and evening rituals and meditation became second nature. It is comforting to know that I can help myself rather than relying on others or carrying around a horrible feeling of desperation when my anxiety is bad. Realising now, that the mind can be changed is so liberating for me after 14 years of feeling helpless with anxiety and before SHINE, the belief that nothing would work. I now feel more confident that no matter how severe my anxiety may get I have simple tools to support myself and calm myself down. I now plan to continue SHINE as a normal routine in my life just like I exercising my body. Caroline – Trial group participant


  • I have found the SHINE technique fantastic. Lisa explains the technique and the science behind it in an accessible way, so the practice makes sense as you are undertaking it. I am more focused, relaxed, have improved relationships with those around me and am generally more positive. I feel my mental, emotional and physical health have improved. I am enjoying life more, focusing on what is happening now rather than a lot of energy draining ‘what ifs’ and general worries. I suffered badly with stress last year for many reasons and this affected my physical health to the point I was referred to a neurologist. I found out I was suffering neurological symptoms, mainly induced by stress. The SHINE technique has given me a way to focus, refocus throughout the day, and to finish the day feeling at peace. I currently rarely experience any of the symptoms I had last year, which is a huge relief. I highly recommend Lisa and the SHINE technique. I will continue using it as part of my life. Jane – Trial group participant


  • The SHINE Programme has been so easy and much quicker than I thought to build up a regular and beneficial practice. It’s helped me acknowledge so much about my inner voice which has been my worst critic and helped me stop letting this be such a powerful, negative voice. I have much calmer – my head doesn’t race as much as it did and I’m able to acknowledge when it does now and not let it get to me. I’m able to focus on what is most important and not ‘stress’ about the little things. I feel much more able to ‘cope’ – not that I didn’t cope but I have a much calmer approach. SHINE has also helped me be very pragmatic about rejection in my work and that used to upset me every time. Now, I can accept, move on. I feel much more peaceful with myself and about my life which I’ve not really ever felt. I’m very successful in my own field and I’ve been able to acknowledge that in myself and of myself. It’s not felt at all scary either – which I thought being at peace with myself would feel. I have realised that I’m ok! I am, fundamentally, a very creative person and I’ve never allowed that to sit well with me. I recognise that now and enjoy it! My thought patterns are sometimes really random but that is one of the wonderful things about being creative. I’ve also recognised how self-critical I was and being able to recognise has allowed me to respond to myself in a really positive way. Rose – Trial group participant


  • Lisa, I’m not sure where to start. ! I feel different, in a positive way but quite different. I’ve been practising the morning ritual quite a lot which has set me up for the day although. I’ve had a number of challenging meetings in work but I didn’t feel frustrated or angry afterwards, just calm! I’ve also slept a lot better than usual and I feel so much better in myself and far more positive!! Onwards and upwards!” Helen – Trial group participant


  • I am on Day 15 on the SHINE trial. I initially struggled with focussing on my heart but have persevered and have been finding I now go into an amazingly deep almost trance like place. I feel like I sway slightly whilst meditating and my breathing rate really slows. I also notice I am very aware of my heart beating or my whole chest feels warm and slightly heavy. On a day to day basis I also feel much calmer and generally feel incredibly contented and happy with my life. I also started a new job at the time the trial started and I have not had any anxiety issues with this new position, which I put down to utilising the bounce back technique when I feel myself losing control. I am also finding it difficult to find a remedy ritual in the evening because for the last week I have had nothing but good days. Thank you so much Lisa for providing me with this opportunity to shine. Louise – Trial group participant


  • After 2 weeks of SHINE I can hardly believe the transformation I feel. I’m in a transition period in any event but now feel calm, managing any thought before it turns into a negative or destructive emotion. I have so much positive intention and the rituals are like bookends to the day – they remind me of all the positives. The words I repeat in meditation commit me to such a positive and strong, clear and determined place… Even when I’m not getting enough sleep. I am able to give to others because I am in a much more grounded, centred place myself. Thanks Lisa. Helena – Trial group participant


  • I started SHINE on the first of the month and found that within a few days I was already able to deal with stresses and with a job I don’t like a lot more easily. I have been a lot calmer on a day to day basis and am sleeping better. I’m really thankful for this opportunity and certain that this is something I can continue with long term. Sharon – Trial group participant


  • I’m on day 12, started with the new year and having been feeling stuck in a bad place was feeling a bit desperate for help through SHINE. On day 3 I was amazed how much better and chilled out I was, wondering if it could be like a placebo affect so early on! Lisa I wanted to give you a hug. I’m loving it and so so grateful for the opportunity. Generally I have noticed I have been far less reactive and more chilled out even with a super hectic schedule, partner, toddler, a house in absolute disarray and work! Liz – Trial group participant


  • I started SHINE on the 1st January, and I am already noticing how much calmer and more grounded I feel in the rest of my life. I have a 4 and a 2 year old so you can imagine what chaos my house can be, but instead of getting exasperated or stressed I have been able to cope with most situations easily. Also I have noticed that my sleep is of a much better quality, so I am much less tired! Really enjoying SHINE and reading everyone else’s comments! May our shining be a light in the darkness for others… I am fast becoming very passionate about the value of what you are doing here, and am over the moon to be part of it. Andrea – Trial group participant


  • Before the Christmas break I had been extremely stressed, mostly with work and felt like my head was going to explode. I was living in and through my thoughts and knew that if something didn’t change there would be consequences. Yesterday was my first day back in work since I started SHINE, although I’d been working from home since Monday. I felt mildly anxious, but I did my ritual and meditation and almost felt as if I was floating on a cloud of serenity internally for the day. I was still me, but different. SHINE is a life saver and I feel it was serendipitous that I found you when I did. Thanks Lisa. Shining love and appreciation today. Carole – Trial group participant 


  • I have suffered periodic anxiety attacks and tried many forms of relaxation and meditation to help with my problem. I had really struggled to meditate on my own with other techniques. I found it difficult to understand some of the conceptual ideas, and they distracted me when practicing. After learning the SHINE technique with Lisa, I’m not having this problem at all. It is really simple yet powerful, and I’m really enjoying being able to meditate on my own without the need for guidance to settle in to it. I am wholeheartedly recommending Lisa’s instruction and the SHINE Meditation Programme. Chris – Company Director, Cheshire


  • Since learning the SHINE Meditation Technique with Lisa, the way I look at my life has altered. This simple daily technique has enabled me to find clarity, strength and confidence. It has also allowed me to be much more aware of myself and my environment and to make more positive changes to benefit my inner and outer health. The way Lisa teaches this method makes it feel really simple, and straight away I knew what I was supposed to be doing, and was actually enjoying it. Working with Lisa has been such a life changing experience. The best part is I will have this technique for ever. Emma – Marketing Assistant, London


  • Thanks for a fabulous SHINE coaching session. It exceeded all my expectations and was the perfect mix of mind-body science and practical application. Now I know how I’m gaining mastery over my brain activity and decreasing the impact of stress and anxiety on my body, it is a wonderful motivator. Your style of teaching is warm and charming, and your sense of humour a perfect addition. I learn so much more effectively when I’m relaxed and having fun, and that is exactly what happened. I absorbed so much is a short space of time, both practical skills and knowledge, that I know will change my life for the better. I’m highly recommending SHINE to my friends and colleagues. Helen – Coach & Therapist, London




  • Learning SHINE Meditation was a transformative experience. It is clear that Lisa walks her talk, and lives wholeheartedly from what she is teaching, she radiates peace and presence. The techniques I learned helped me to see meditation in a different light, not as difficult or challenging, but something genuinely simple and life changing. I would highly recommend Lisa as a meditation teacher and coach. Alex – Hypnotherapist, London