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Six Ways to Shine 5 #ChangeYourChannel

Imagine if you could change the channel within yourself like you change it when watching the TV, looking for something more fulfilling or fun to get absorbed in? Imagine if you could even choose in advance rather than as a reaction to something you didn’t like?!

Well the good news is….and this might sound a bit odd until you understand the science, but as human beings we can choose our state of being through using the right tools and techniques. We can choose to change channel. And the even better news is, that with a little training, we can entrain our inner systems, our inner environments created by neural patterns which then create physiological patterns. Yes we can train ourselves to such a degree that our inner environments sort of ramp up the scale, week by week nudging up our inner default setting so it can move upwards on the barometer, towards a new and improving level of greater happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment, gratitude, peace, joy, love and freedom.

I’ve been using meditation style techniques like this for four years now, and in practical terms what it means is this. I know my inner state is not just a conditioned reaction to my outer world, i.e, ’things are going well’. When life is going great, we actually have no real clue as to how resourceful we are, or how resilient and anchored our inner feeling of security and empowerment is. When everything is hunky-dory we just cannot test the power of our inner state in the face of adversity, because all our external boxes are getting ticked.

However, when life is throwing you a smorgasbord of set-backs, a medley of messiness, and a daily dose of dilemma – you know, the way REAL life does – at this point when you are able to acknowledge and honour what’s happening, when you are able to lean into it instead of by-pass the mess, when you are able to calmly focus on what needs to be done and and making the best decision within an imperfect and complicated situation…. AND you can also settle into an inner state of peace, loving acceptance and creative fluidity AT THE SAME TIME – then you know you have mastered the art and the science of changing your channel.

I face many tests in my life, but I have reached the point where I’m able to remain calm, creative, connected and resourceful throughout, and I don’t have to turn to distractions or to self medicate to soothe the soreness. It’s through my own personal transformation and knowing what is possible for us all (because believe me I didn’t used to be this way! But that’s a story for another day…) that I felt genuinely inspired to share what I’d learned and create something for my clients which was a highly effective and reliable amalgamation of the resources I’d gathered over the years. That’s how The SHINE Program was born, and I designed it to form a delicious daily practice, so that whilst you’re training your brain, and learning to #ChangeYourChannel – it feels good! If it feels good, and you ‘get it’ you are going to stick with it and receive all the beautiful longer term benefits further down the line.

As I was researching and studying, I became increasingly interested in the cutting edge science of the electro-magnetic field of our hearts, and of the enormous power and output of our hearts as energy centres within the body. It was as a result of this work that I designed SHINE Meditation which you receive within The SHINE Program, as a heart centred meditation. The science on this subject is growing, bringing facts and figures to marry up with the ancient and handed down wisdom of many meditation traditions. I LOVE it when science catches up like that!!

Below you can see the image which represents the measurable energy field of our hearts, and you can see how fields of energy overlap and interconnect. What I found fascinating was that changing our inner state, changing our channel, actually then changes what we’re broadcasting outwards energetically to others and to our environments. Our heart output is 5000 times more powerful than our brain output, and when we are radiating love, peace, gratitude, compassion and joy in our inner environment, we are also sending these messages outwards through specific frequencies and electro-magnetic wave patterns through our heart fields. The wonderful news is, we can influence and lift others through our own powerful channel of choice. And interestingly, when we choose these high vibe channels, because we are like human tuning forks, we will resonate with even more of these like frequencies externally (remember tuning forks resonating in physics and getting REALLY loud when two like frequencies blend together?!) which means through changing our own channel we are raising the vibration around us too.

Electro magnet

Even more fascinating, is that our hearts also act like information processing centres, both broadcasting and receiving energetic information to and from our environments, so the channel we choose even starts to form a perceptual filter THROUGH which we perceive the world. This explains exactly why it’s possible to experience love, joy and gratitude in times of challenge and dilemma – it’s because we are receiving information and perceiving it through the channel of a higher state.

I have designed SHINE in such a simple, practical and step by step way, that all of this training is made easy for you. All you have to do is watch a few video tutorials, and take advantage of the four guided meditation audios and you will have all you need to build your own routine which suits you.

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Lisa Bardell – BSc (Hons) Psych, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching & NLP Master – is a coach and therapist who retrained to follow her passion into Psychology after a 16 year business career at executive level. Lisa runs two busy practices in Cheshire and London and works with coaching clients all over the world via Skype. For a FREE 30 min consultation mail on

Six Ways to Shine 1 #GetInFlow



We hear so much casual talk of flow. Everybody wants more of it. But what the heck is it? And more importantly how can you get it for yourself?

Most people find that their flow comes when ‘life’ goes well, but goes again as soon as some challenges crop up. Well you don’t need me to tell you that you’re probably not going to shine your brightest light out into the world if you only have access to fleeting, fair weather flow.

As with most words which appear in the world of personal development, flow is more than just a metaphor. It’s a real thing. There is a science to flow. The power of your flow, the longevity of your flow, and how quickly you can return to flow is a scientifically measurable phenomena, with real results, and tangible benefits for the flow-er!

The good news is you can totally train yourself into the state of flow, and you can consciously choose to return to flow when you realise you’ve lost it.

But what is flow specifically? How would you know if you were in flow? And what’s the big deal with it?

Flow is measured through the variance of the spaces in between your heartbeats. It’s not your heart rate, that only gives you half the story. Your heart rate can be fast or slow but that won’t tell you if you’re in flow.


Flow doesn’t even mean that your heart beats are evenly spaced (that’s not natural, it’s not how hearts work). What it does mean, is that if you plotted a graph of your heart beats they would be getting faster. And then slower. And faster again. But this graph would be a smooth and even wavy line.

The proper term for what is measured when we are in flow, is called Psychophysiological Coherence. It means all the body’s systems are energetically coordinated, in harmony, fluidly communicating fully and optimally with each other.

When we are in heart coherence aka in flow, we are in the most energy efficient state possible. Mind, body and emotions are all in sync.

Flow comes with SO many benefits you will wonder how you ever got on without it!

If you imagine in your body there is a store cupboard of ingredients, and from those same ingredients your body can produce two different recipes. The flow recipe is what we produce when we are in heart coherence. From the parent hormone pregnenalone, we produce the wonder hormone called DHEA. This is all about health, anti aging and vitality!

However, there’s also a rather toxic recipe the body can make from the same stores of pregnenalone, and that is the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is the no-flow hormone that causes us to age, get sick, store fat and gain weight by slowing our metabolism. It also erodes the neural connections in the hippocampus area of our brains which makes us lose our memories, lowers our mood and causes erratic emotional outbursts, sensitivity and reactivity.

When we are in the no-flow state we are stressed, fearful, angry, impatient, lacking empathy, distracted, ashamed, guilty or sad.

We also experience a shutting down of our higher cortical functioning which means we lack discernment, are more likely to get addicted or dependent, lose concentration or lack focus on goals for the future, and have a much lower level of self perception and intuitive awareness of others.

The graph of the space between our heart beats would be random and utterly chaotic. Many people are stuck with the no-flow state most of the time, they are anxiety prone and more likely to rely on substances to feed the starved reward centres in their brains with a quick but fleeting fix (nicotine, alcohol, drugs, food, sugar).

Flow = Harmony  No Flow = Chaos

When you’re in flow you will experience more…

  • Emotional stability
  • Emotional awareness – it’s actually easier to honour and observe our true emotional experience through flow, and therefore it’s easier to articulate and express our emotional experience with others
  • Energy
  • High quality rest & sleep
  • Mental sharpness
  • Focus & concentration
  • Access and recall of information and words
  • Creativity & problem solving genius
  • Joy, happiness & bliss!! (even when life deals you a smorgasbord of setbacks, it will not steal your joy or rob you of your resources)
  • Empathy & connection with others
  • Present moment awareness & presence to hold space for people

Discovering flow and training myself into it, was my number one motivation for creating The SHINE Program and helping other people to learn it too. SHINE is all about heart coherence and flow, and within it I have combined the two best and globally recognised techniques for creating flow. I have followed and researched the latest neuroscience and heart science findings to bring you a #GetInFlow method which is so simple and reliable anyone can learn it. You can literally go from no-flow to flow in a matter of weeks. I have proven the results of SHINE through a standardised trial study too, so you can trust that it is tried and tested.

If you would like to learn a simple and highly effective technique for yourself, I have developed a practical program based on modern Applied Psychology and Mind-Body Science, called SHINE – ‘A Daily Meditation, Relaxation & Self-Coaching Technique’ which teaches you to access and
nurture the optimal Brain – Heart – Body state of Psychophysiological Coherence for improved Health, Happiness & Success – SHINE was statistically validated in January 2016 through a standardised trial protocol with 40 people, for its effectiveness and positive results on health, emotional wellbeing, mental wellbeing, stress management and improving productivity.

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Lisa Bardell – BSc (Hons) Psych, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching & NLP Master – is a coach and therapist who retrained to follow her passion into Psychology after a 16 year business career at executive level. Lisa runs two busy practices in Cheshire and London and works with coaching clients all over the world via Skype. For a FREE 30 min consultation mail on

What predicts a successful life?

What is a successful and satisfying life?

We all have our own opinions on what makes someone’s life look like a success from where we see it. But there is a simple definition of a successful life which I like to use, because many people who look like they have it all, are still not happy, not satisfied and do no feel good enough or successful on the inside ( in fact a lot of the time this inner sense of lack is what keeps driving some people to achieve more ). So let’s keep it simple:

  • “A successful life is one which is ENJOYED by the person who lives it”


How do we get to ENJOY our lives?

Good question – this is something I work on all the time with clients, many of them extremely ‘successful’ yet deeply unhappy.

One of the UK’s foremost ‘happiness’ experts, Professor Richard Layard and his team, have been asking themselves the same question. What factors lead some people to a predisposition to feel happy, satisfied with their lot, and to enjoy an inner sense of success as an adult?

After investigating the factors in a person’s life that can best predict whether they will lead satisfied lives, a team headed by, has come up with an answer that may prove controversial. Any parents reading this may want to take note.

Layard and his colleagues at the Wellbeing research programme at the London School of Economics conclude that a child’s emotional health is far more important to their satisfaction levels as an adult than other factors, such as if they achieve academic success when young, or wealth when older. The authors explain that evaluating the quality of a child’s emotional health is based on analysing a range of internal factors in a person’s early life, including whether they endured unhappiness, sleeplessness, eating disorders, bedwetting, fearfulness or tiredness.

The academics claim that their study, What Predicts a Successful Life? A Life-course Model of Well-being, published in the latest edition of the Economic Journal, offers “a completely new perspective on which factors contribute most to a satisfying life”. The study claims to challenge “the basic assumption of educational policy in recent years – that academic achievement matters more than anything else”. This claim appears to be an implicit criticism of former education secretary Michael Gove, who instructed schools not to focus on “peripheral” issues such as children’s moral, social and cultural development in favour of academic excellence. Gove’s successor, Nicky Morgan, has pledged to reverse this approach.

Many people have assumed income is the most important factor in an adult’s life satisfaction. But the academics say their data makes clear this is far less important than emotional health – both in a child and in an adult. “Income only explains about 1% of the variation in life satisfaction among people in the UK – one sixth of the fraction explained by emotional health,” they note.

Money really can’t buy you happiness…

The findings might be controversial, giving some measurable evidence that education and income are among the least important determinants of adult success, as measured by life satisfaction!

It’s interesting and welcome ( in my opinion ) that the economics of happiness or wellbeing is now a growing and respected discipline within economics that is starting to influence politicians.

David Cameron has even reportedly stated: “It’s time we admitted that there’s more to life than money and it’s time we focused not just on GDP but on GWB – general well-being.”

Imagine the effect of a nation of much more content as satisfied people….I wonder how much less we would spend trying to make ourselves look better, feel better or escape our stresses?….

Neither can academic achievement!

The report boldly concludes:

  • “We find that the intellectual performance of a child is the least important childhood predictor of life-satisfaction as an adult.”

Well the good news is, if your childhood has already happened, and if your adulthood has been plagued by feeling unhappy, fearful, dissatisfied or stuck – the brain is very good at re-wiring, with the right guidance, no matter what your background or childhood history. All is not lost!

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