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I used to want everything in my life to happen at high speed. Certainly everything in my business career happened fast, and I believed it needed to because that was the culture of the businesses I was brought up in, and later on it was the culture I created when I was leading businesses.

Anything less fell short. Yet I realised back then, even before I knew the science about how speed can ironically slow us down and make us inefficient, that people seemed to work themselves up into a frenzy, and in doing so they were not flourishing. Myself included probably! When you have concrete deadlines, plenty of people to please and the goalposts are constantly being moved at the very last minute, you barely have time to catch a breath.

As I took the conscious decision to slow down, to retrain to work one to one with coaching and therapy clients and to run my own business, I knew that I finally wanted space to breathe, to eat, to sleep. I realised I wanted space and time for myself, and I created a life with a lot more pottering time built in. Immediately this brought me huge joy and I was perplexed as to how I had ever managed without it, but I realise not everyone is in the position, or has the inclination to do this. So this blog is not actually about slowing your life down, it’s about slowing you down. I soon discovered the science of slowing down on the inside, for greater success on the outside, and it’s what I teach many of my executive clients who are struggling to find balance in their high pressure jobs, or are feeling jaded despite being seen as ‘successful’…

So what does the science show us? We stimulate our fight or flight response in our brains when we have too much to do. Our thoughts set off our stress response in just the same way is if were were really under threat. Thoughts of ‘what will they think?’ ‘I’m not good enough at my job’, ‘they don’t like me’, ‘I must climb the ladder because I can’t survive on this salary’, ‘why did they promote her instead of me?’, ‘I don’t fit in here’… can all trigger us into a state of chronic stress.

Chronic stress is the most common way we sabotage our success, yet most people are totally unaware that it’s going on inside their bodies and brains and they just assume it’s effects are due to their external environments, putting all the focus outside of them instead of focusing on the inside. We can always take responsibility for our inner environments to change them in a way which is supportive. We do actually have control over this with the right techniques and insights. However it’s ironic that most of us are entrained and conditioned to put ALL of our focus on trying to control our external environments, usually other people, where in reality we have very little control at all!!

I wanted to tackle all of this in The SHINE Program, I felt it was time to help people address the issue of their inner environment unwittingly working against them being able to create the outer success they really want and deserve. The SHINE Program trains you into creating an optimum inner environment for health, energy, focus, good decision making, great memory and recall, and generally feeling good and ready to take on the world!

You will have heard me talking about Flow and Coherence in the previous #SixWaysToShine blogs. However, when we are talking about slowing down for success, there’s another aspect of your body’s functioning that specifically needs to slow down in order for your to be in your most resourceful state, and that is your brain wave frequencies!

This is something I’ve really focused on with The SHINE Program, which is probably best described as a meditation style brain training system for inner relaxation, happiness and health – all of which equips you to shine brightly as the best and most successful version of yourself.

I have created four guided meditation MP3’s within SHINE, which use the very best in cutting edge technology to have you relaxing, re-couperating and replenishing at the deepest level. I have used binaural beats to literally entrain your brain wave frequency to a deep and slow Theta Wave as you listen!

What are the benefits of this? Well in our daily state of stress or focus on tasks we are in a higher frequency brain wave state called Beta, the more stressed we are, the faster our brain waves, and with this fast and chaotic brain wave activity comes fast and chaotic mental activity…

Have you ever experienced…

  • a super busy mind which will not switch off
  • insomnia due to your mind whirring and ruminating late at night
  • constant distracting thoughts which ruin your focus on what is important and take you off track
  • over thinking and over analysis leading to analysis paralysis
  • a constant voice of your own inner critic
  • poor recall of facts, figures and words, just when you need it most
  • feeling drained of energy and numb after big projects

Well this is all due to fast and chaotic brain wave activity, which literally saps your body of precious energy diverts it way from more important roles within your body! These are signs you might want to learn some mastery over your brain activity and to #SlowDownForSuccess

Once you have learned to slow it all down from using SHINE, or by listening to the Theta Wave audios every day or so you will receive these blissful benefits and will be wondering how you ever managed without it! You won’t want to go back…

  • clear and fluid thinking
  • improved problem solving
  • better creative flow
  • more focus and concentration on the task or project
  • feeling more grounded and emotionally resilient
  • absorbing and recalling facts and information more easily
  • communicating more clearly with access to the language and the expression you desire

I want to share SHINE far and wide, and I have a very special #FabulousFebruary offer on to celebrate a re-launch of a fine-tuned version of the original program, my offer is at £20 OFF, for just £87.

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Lisa Bardell – BSc (Hons) Psych, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching & NLP Master – is a coach and therapist who retrained to follow her passion into Psychology after a 16 year business career at executive level. Lisa runs two busy practices in Cheshire and London and works with coaching clients all over the world via Skype. For a FREE 30 min consultation mail on

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