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Six Ways to Shine 5 #ChangeYourChannel

Imagine if you could change the channel within yourself like you change it when watching the TV, looking for something more fulfilling or fun to get absorbed in? Imagine if you could even choose in advance rather than as a reaction to something you didn’t like?!

Well the good news is….and this might sound a bit odd until you understand the science, but as human beings we can choose our state of being through using the right tools and techniques. We can choose to change channel. And the even better news is, that with a little training, we can entrain our inner systems, our inner environments created by neural patterns which then create physiological patterns. Yes we can train ourselves to such a degree that our inner environments sort of ramp up the scale, week by week nudging up our inner default setting so it can move upwards on the barometer, towards a new and improving level of greater happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment, gratitude, peace, joy, love and freedom.

I’ve been using meditation style techniques like this for four years now, and in practical terms what it means is this. I know my inner state is not just a conditioned reaction to my outer world, i.e, ’things are going well’. When life is going great, we actually have no real clue as to how resourceful we are, or how resilient and anchored our inner feeling of security and empowerment is. When everything is hunky-dory we just cannot test the power of our inner state in the face of adversity, because all our external boxes are getting ticked.

However, when life is throwing you a smorgasbord of set-backs, a medley of messiness, and a daily dose of dilemma – you know, the way REAL life does – at this point when you are able to acknowledge and honour what’s happening, when you are able to lean into it instead of by-pass the mess, when you are able to calmly focus on what needs to be done and and making the best decision within an imperfect and complicated situation…. AND you can also settle into an inner state of peace, loving acceptance and creative fluidity AT THE SAME TIME – then you know you have mastered the art and the science of changing your channel.

I face many tests in my life, but I have reached the point where I’m able to remain calm, creative, connected and resourceful throughout, and I don’t have to turn to distractions or to self medicate to soothe the soreness. It’s through my own personal transformation and knowing what is possible for us all (because believe me I didn’t used to be this way! But that’s a story for another day…) that I felt genuinely inspired to share what I’d learned and create something for my clients which was a highly effective and reliable amalgamation of the resources I’d gathered over the years. That’s how The SHINE Program was born, and I designed it to form a delicious daily practice, so that whilst you’re training your brain, and learning to #ChangeYourChannel – it feels good! If it feels good, and you ‘get it’ you are going to stick with it and receive all the beautiful longer term benefits further down the line.

As I was researching and studying, I became increasingly interested in the cutting edge science of the electro-magnetic field of our hearts, and of the enormous power and output of our hearts as energy centres within the body. It was as a result of this work that I designed SHINE Meditation which you receive within The SHINE Program, as a heart centred meditation. The science on this subject is growing, bringing facts and figures to marry up with the ancient and handed down wisdom of many meditation traditions. I LOVE it when science catches up like that!!

Below you can see the image which represents the measurable energy field of our hearts, and you can see how fields of energy overlap and interconnect. What I found fascinating was that changing our inner state, changing our channel, actually then changes what we’re broadcasting outwards energetically to others and to our environments. Our heart output is 5000 times more powerful than our brain output, and when we are radiating love, peace, gratitude, compassion and joy in our inner environment, we are also sending these messages outwards through specific frequencies and electro-magnetic wave patterns through our heart fields. The wonderful news is, we can influence and lift others through our own powerful channel of choice. And interestingly, when we choose these high vibe channels, because we are like human tuning forks, we will resonate with even more of these like frequencies externally (remember tuning forks resonating in physics and getting REALLY loud when two like frequencies blend together?!) which means through changing our own channel we are raising the vibration around us too.

Electro magnet

Even more fascinating, is that our hearts also act like information processing centres, both broadcasting and receiving energetic information to and from our environments, so the channel we choose even starts to form a perceptual filter THROUGH which we perceive the world. This explains exactly why it’s possible to experience love, joy and gratitude in times of challenge and dilemma – it’s because we are receiving information and perceiving it through the channel of a higher state.

I have designed SHINE in such a simple, practical and step by step way, that all of this training is made easy for you. All you have to do is watch a few video tutorials, and take advantage of the four guided meditation audios and you will have all you need to build your own routine which suits you.

I am currently offering my SHINE program for a special #FabulousFebruary offer. For just £87 you can access your own SHINE Program here…. #GetReadyToShine and #ChangeYourChannel here:

Lisa Bardell – BSc (Hons) Psych, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching & NLP Master – is a coach and therapist who retrained to follow her passion into Psychology after a 16 year business career at executive level. Lisa runs two busy practices in Cheshire and London and works with coaching clients all over the world via Skype. For a FREE 30 min consultation mail on

Six Ways to Shine 1 #GetInFlow



We hear so much casual talk of flow. Everybody wants more of it. But what the heck is it? And more importantly how can you get it for yourself?

Most people find that their flow comes when ‘life’ goes well, but goes again as soon as some challenges crop up. Well you don’t need me to tell you that you’re probably not going to shine your brightest light out into the world if you only have access to fleeting, fair weather flow.

As with most words which appear in the world of personal development, flow is more than just a metaphor. It’s a real thing. There is a science to flow. The power of your flow, the longevity of your flow, and how quickly you can return to flow is a scientifically measurable phenomena, with real results, and tangible benefits for the flow-er!

The good news is you can totally train yourself into the state of flow, and you can consciously choose to return to flow when you realise you’ve lost it.

But what is flow specifically? How would you know if you were in flow? And what’s the big deal with it?

Flow is measured through the variance of the spaces in between your heartbeats. It’s not your heart rate, that only gives you half the story. Your heart rate can be fast or slow but that won’t tell you if you’re in flow.


Flow doesn’t even mean that your heart beats are evenly spaced (that’s not natural, it’s not how hearts work). What it does mean, is that if you plotted a graph of your heart beats they would be getting faster. And then slower. And faster again. But this graph would be a smooth and even wavy line.

The proper term for what is measured when we are in flow, is called Psychophysiological Coherence. It means all the body’s systems are energetically coordinated, in harmony, fluidly communicating fully and optimally with each other.

When we are in heart coherence aka in flow, we are in the most energy efficient state possible. Mind, body and emotions are all in sync.

Flow comes with SO many benefits you will wonder how you ever got on without it!

If you imagine in your body there is a store cupboard of ingredients, and from those same ingredients your body can produce two different recipes. The flow recipe is what we produce when we are in heart coherence. From the parent hormone pregnenalone, we produce the wonder hormone called DHEA. This is all about health, anti aging and vitality!

However, there’s also a rather toxic recipe the body can make from the same stores of pregnenalone, and that is the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is the no-flow hormone that causes us to age, get sick, store fat and gain weight by slowing our metabolism. It also erodes the neural connections in the hippocampus area of our brains which makes us lose our memories, lowers our mood and causes erratic emotional outbursts, sensitivity and reactivity.

When we are in the no-flow state we are stressed, fearful, angry, impatient, lacking empathy, distracted, ashamed, guilty or sad.

We also experience a shutting down of our higher cortical functioning which means we lack discernment, are more likely to get addicted or dependent, lose concentration or lack focus on goals for the future, and have a much lower level of self perception and intuitive awareness of others.

The graph of the space between our heart beats would be random and utterly chaotic. Many people are stuck with the no-flow state most of the time, they are anxiety prone and more likely to rely on substances to feed the starved reward centres in their brains with a quick but fleeting fix (nicotine, alcohol, drugs, food, sugar).

Flow = Harmony  No Flow = Chaos

When you’re in flow you will experience more…

  • Emotional stability
  • Emotional awareness – it’s actually easier to honour and observe our true emotional experience through flow, and therefore it’s easier to articulate and express our emotional experience with others
  • Energy
  • High quality rest & sleep
  • Mental sharpness
  • Focus & concentration
  • Access and recall of information and words
  • Creativity & problem solving genius
  • Joy, happiness & bliss!! (even when life deals you a smorgasbord of setbacks, it will not steal your joy or rob you of your resources)
  • Empathy & connection with others
  • Present moment awareness & presence to hold space for people

Discovering flow and training myself into it, was my number one motivation for creating The SHINE Program and helping other people to learn it too. SHINE is all about heart coherence and flow, and within it I have combined the two best and globally recognised techniques for creating flow. I have followed and researched the latest neuroscience and heart science findings to bring you a #GetInFlow method which is so simple and reliable anyone can learn it. You can literally go from no-flow to flow in a matter of weeks. I have proven the results of SHINE through a standardised trial study too, so you can trust that it is tried and tested.

If you would like to learn a simple and highly effective technique for yourself, I have developed a practical program based on modern Applied Psychology and Mind-Body Science, called SHINE – ‘A Daily Meditation, Relaxation & Self-Coaching Technique’ which teaches you to access and
nurture the optimal Brain – Heart – Body state of Psychophysiological Coherence for improved Health, Happiness & Success – SHINE was statistically validated in January 2016 through a standardised trial protocol with 40 people, for its effectiveness and positive results on health, emotional wellbeing, mental wellbeing, stress management and improving productivity.

I want to share SHINE far and wide, and I have a very special #FabulousFebruary offer on to celebrate a re-launch of a fine-tuned version of the original program, my offer is at £20 OFF, for just £87.

For just £87 you can access your own SHINE Program here…. #GetReadyToShine and #GetInFlow here:

Lisa Bardell – BSc (Hons) Psych, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching & NLP Master – is a coach and therapist who retrained to follow her passion into Psychology after a 16 year business career at executive level. Lisa runs two busy practices in Cheshire and London and works with coaching clients all over the world via Skype. For a FREE 30 min consultation mail on

Suspend your judgement…



Sometimes not getting what you think you want is a wonderful stroke of luck…

We have all had those times of reflection, when we have looked back on times or events which were upsetting and stressful, times when things appeared not to be going our way, going ‘wrong’ or out of control –  and yet with the benefit of hindsight and with the passage of time – we realise that event, those circumstances, that exact ‘disappointment’ was exactly what needed to happen.

In fact it was, in the grand scheme of things it was the major transition point with a huge learning for life, or it lead to a new path, a big change, or something wonderful further down the line.

This has been the case for me personally in many big areas of my life and it has taught me to go with the ebb and flow of life, to surrender to what is, without getting stuck, paralysed, and totally stressed out – resisting life as it unfolds and dwelling on what could have been – there is inevitably something much better, more truthful and more fulfilling, just around the corner no matter how big the set-back seems!

With relationships there was a man I thought was perfect, really wanted to be with. It didn’t even get started – and yet knowing what I know now, with further observation, he was totally unsuitable and treats his current partner terribly. What a lucky escape!

Financially, a very big let down, a large sum which was owed to me for work I did, taught me the value of money after years of earning a fortune in a corporate role, and quite frankly taking cash for granted. It reminded me of what is really important in life, and guided me into creating a simple life which works beautifully.

With work, the same role which owed me those funds, felt like the perfect job at the time – yet the fact that it didn’t happen the way I thought I wanted it to, created the BIGGEST, most freeing shift in my life, taking me on a new path to the most fulfilling way of earning a living I could ever have imagined. And SO much more! I’m eternally grateful it went as ‘wrong’ as it did. That perceived ‘wrong’ was so RIGHT.

So if we can simply suspend our judgements…

We free ourselves up to

  • trusting the flow of life
  • embracing the twists and turns
  • stopping the resistance to ‘what is’
  • looking forward to that point in the future, where we look back and realise everything is exactly as it should be…

Ask yourself what you are resisting, what you are judging about your life at this moment, and play with the possibility of suspending your judgement. Let it go. Create some space between your stimulus or life event, and as the famous neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl said – you get to CHOOSE your response to it.




The Science of Stress: How to Resolve It….Without having to Change your Life

Some of us wear Stress like a badge of honour

stressStress has become such an overused word in our day to day language, and this normalisation has distracted us from the inconvenient truth about its physiological, psychological and emotional toxic load. It’s time to wake up…..Ignore this at your peril!


I wrote this article for National Stress Awareness Day last year, 5th November 2014. It presents you my take on the modern Science of Stress – and the latest research which supports how a practice  which has been around for centuries is increasingly being seen as ‘cutting edge’  solution….


What is Stress?

Stress is caused by the activation of the Stress Response also known as the Fight or Flight Response, it is designed to get us out of danger – it can be thought of as a turbo boost of energy, like the body going into a different gear to prepare us to have the strength and energy to fight, or to flee from threat. Our ancestors would have used it to survive from predators or danger. It revs up the body like this:


  • Increases heart rate and blood pressure
  • Dilates blood vessels to muscles to pump through sugars and fats
  • Kickstarts the respiratory drive so we start to sweat to keep ourselves cool
  • Thickens the blood
  • Pumps out inflammatory chemicals to activate our immune cells ready for tissue repair if we get wounded in fight or in escape

It is a major physiological, neurological, immunological and metabolic event! It effects changes throughout our whole system.

Clearly, it is an evolutionary adaptation designed to help us respond to a clearly perceived present moment threat, to save our lives….

So what’s gone awry?

Well put simply, as modern humans we are too ‘clever’ for our own good. Now what happens on a weekly, if not daily basis, is that our cognitive function works against us. Our ability to think, to analyse, recall the past and predict the future is what causes us stress.

Our everyday thoughts cause our stress. They do so in a way that physiologically is as ‘real’ as if we were genuinely having to escape a wild, hungry tiger, an axe wielding intruder, or a high speed bus with failed breaks…

What drives or produces our stressy thoughts?

Let’s look at some Psychology. If we break the human experience down into very simple terms, we have three important ‘need systems’ which we are driven to meet.

  • 1/ Safety – This is the drive to feel safe and secure in order that we can experience peacefulness.
  • 2/ Satisfaction – This is the drive to seeking rewards in order that we can experience contentment.
  • 3/ Connection – This is the drive to seeking attachment in order that we can experience feelings of love.

These three need systems and their respective drives influence our behaviours in two ways….Firstly ‘avoiding’ behaviours so we can avoid pain, harm and danger. Secondly ‘approaching’ behaviours so we can illicit rewards and pleasure.

If one or more need system is not being met, we activate the Stress Response.

We might consider the constant activation of the response as a modern violation of the evolutionary model, where the Stress Response was designed to come in short bursts. Today, sadly it has become a chronic and ongoing reaction.

So how does this effect us?

Well the emotional and psychological effects are broad ranging, any of the below might be what you would notice in yourself or others:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Poor decision making
  • Creative blocks
  • Worrying
  • Negative thinking
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of motivation
  • Frustration and irritability
  • Tearfulness

We have all been there!

Physically there’s a whole other batch of symptoms, due to what science terms the Allostatic Load, this is the bodily wear and tear that becomes a burden on our physical as well as mental health due to our natural ‘Adaptive Responses’ to external perceived stressors getting worn out, and simply shutting off.

  • Aches and pains
  • Muscle tension and teeth grinding
  • Frequent colds and infections
  • Allergies and skin irritations
  • IBS
  • Weight gain
  • Indigestion and heartburn
  • Dizziness and palpitations
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Memory loss due to shrinkage of the Hippocampus
  • High blood pressure

All in all it’s rather unpleasant, but more importantly in the long term this toxic load causes inflammation in our internal environment, and taxes the immune system very heavily meaning we succumb to illness and chronic disease as the body’s self healing mechanism gets switched off.

Please say there’s some good news!

Indeed there is….What science has now shown us, is that once we learn how to switch off the Stress Response, when it is not necessary, we can reverse all of the effects of stress right through the body, at a cellular level, and throughout the brain as well.

The major breakthrough in this understanding came from Herbert Benson MD, who discovered that the body has a capacity for an opposite response to the Stress Response, which works as an antidote to it, it is called the Relaxation Response.

Ok, how do we do it?

There’s a really simple solution which will only take 15-20 minutes of your day, and it has been around for over 2000 years! Meditation is the answer

Scientific research into people who meditate discovered there were dramatic physiological changes versus non-meditators:

  • Decreased metabolism
  • Quieting of the body
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Slower breathing rate
  • Slower brainwaves

All of the above are integral to the Relaxation Response, and these studies allowed it to became recognized by science, it was measurable, predictable and reproducible.

MRI scanning has allowed science to look at the brain in a way which was not possible previously. Modern research has looked at how meditation changes the structure of the brain, something which it has always done since it’s origins, but which had not been measured until the last decade.

What goes on in the brain?

The amygdala is the part of the brain which produces the Stress Response. Recent research by neuroscientist Dr Sarah Lazar, Assistant Professor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School, and associate researcher in Psychiatry at Massachusetts Genera Hospital, has shown that with regular meditation, the amygdala gets ‘turned down’ and shrinks, it gets quieter in a way which is consistent with decreased arousal and greater feelings of peace.

What’s interesting is that in the study the external life of the participants had not changed at all, it was simply their response to their external ‘stressors’ which changed. Reducing stress is not about changing your life, it is about changing your relationship to your life. Simple!

Mind Calm Meditation

If you would like to learn Mind Calm Meditation with me, get in touch. It is a simple, modern and highly effective technique created by best selling author, acclaimed meditation teacher and award winning trainer Sandy C. Newbigging. I have been trained personally by Sandy to teach this method and I offer it as One to One coaching or in Group Workshops.

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