Clinical Hypnotherapist | Executive & Life Coach | Creator of SHINE Meditation | Author of Shine Brighter | NLP Master | EFT Practitioner


Hi and Welcome. I’m a fully accredited Integrative Coach & Therapist, it is my job to help you get to the root cause of what is holding you back or causing you a problem, and in turn to guide you to fully resolve any associated issues.

I help people from all walks of life who feel they are stuck, overwhelmed, debilitated or simply not reaching their full potential. Through creative and bespoke Coaching & Therapy, I guide my clients to make the changes they want in their thinking, their emotional patterns and ultimately their behaviours to begin thriving and living successful lives which they love and deserve.

Every aspect of my approach will be tailored to you, and focused on the results you want. I use a powerful and unique combination of Coaching & Therapy tools to help you master your own thoughts and begin operating from your most powerful mindset in every area of your life,  career and relationships.

Over a course of 4-8 sessions, my approach not only allows you to get to the root cause of your limitations or problems, but also to make changes which are both deep and sustainable. With a skilled practitioner, it really is possible to ‘re-wire’ your brain in a way that can:

  • Revolutionise –  Thinking Patterns
  • Stop – Habits
  • Transform  – Emotional Wellbeing
  • Improve – Health & Physical Wellbeing

If anything below strikes a chord with you, contact me directly for a FREE CONSULTATION or to ask any questions without obligation. Alternatively, read on throughout the pages of the website to understand more about what I offer and how it works.


Do you want to…

  • Live more fully in the moment?
  • Re-design your life?
  • Unlock your full potential?
  • Be the best version of you?
  • Begin living a life you love and deserve?

Are you…

  • Struggling with Anxiety or Depression?
  • Looking for Weight Loss solutions?
  • Desperate to stop Smoking?
  • Limited by Fears, Phobias or Panic Attacks?
  • Stuck in your Life, Career or Relationships?
  • Being held back by Psychological or Emotional Issues?
  • Troubled by Abuse or Trauma from the past?
  • Feeling negative about your Body or your Self-Image?
  • Finding it hard to move on after Bereavement, or the end of a Relationship?
  • Feeling drained physically by Fatigue, Insomnia or Chronic Pain?

“I have seen other practitioners over the years but I found the techniques Lisa used to be revolutionary. I have now overcome issues I had been holding on to for years!”

Michael 34, IT Consultant – London

“After five sessions I can honestly say this has changed my life!!”

Sarah 31, Optician – London